5 Best alternatives to Google Adsense

By | March 4, 2013

Best Alternatives to Google Adsense ? If you’ve read “What you should know about before you start blogging” you know that it is unlikely that you become a millionaire. Thanks to revenue from a website. Most bloggers do not make money with his/her personal blog. Some because they never have arisen and others because they simply see it as a hobby and focus on the writing. Here i present few alternatives for Google Adsense.

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5 best alternatives to Google Adsense

Generate Income so (semi-) automated with a blog

The following four are the most popular options to make money blogging activity without making an effort. To say that these options mean make money without having to work really not true. As more time is spent on optimization, more value can be generated for 1000 impressions.

1. Google Adsense :

Undoubtedly the most popular choice. Google Adsense offers through contextual ads with a click model an attractive way to generate income with a website. If your website does not have a niche and is generally subject, it can be a good option.

2. Affiliate Networks :

If you assume the risk of affiliate advertising display without receiving anything in return. This model generates income only if there are any sales records for the advertiser. In the other models it is sufficient to launch impressions or clicks. The affiliate marketing works well for niche sites if there are advertisers for it at the same time.

3. Marketplaces :

The marketplaces are not as long as the other options. For high traffic web sites, they are a good option as they work on all models with campaigns CPM (cost per thousand impressions).

4. Intext-ads :

An additional way to generate an automated income are sponsored links within the article. This format is sometimes not very well seen by the user because it confused with a regular link. If you already have a lot of advertising on the web, you have to assess whether it is worth risking your readers mad.

It is best to combine the different models and especially do not rely solely on Google Adsense. Those webmasters that implement all the models on their website, they usually have after a learning phase the best results.

Generate Income with a Business Strategy

Try to find advertisers proactively. It is x-times more profitable for the webmaster that have automated models. At the same time, they are much more difficult because not all websites are attractive enough for direct recruitment.

5. Sponsored Content :

It is true that there are platforms that give you access to advertisers who want to place advertorials in blogs. Anyway it is an automated process that requires work seen whenever there is a procurement. Sponsored content in blogs are the most popular form of online advertising in this medium.

There are more options I have not mentioned such as  selling links that may penalize the site. Other formats like pop-ups or-unders site can be good returns but are very annoying for the user.

My recommendation to monetize a blog

It is not recommended to put ads on the first day. Especially in the beginning you’re much more likely to receive links to third party sites if no signal marketing. This will make your blog will grow faster in traffic.

From my point of view it is totally legitimate to want to get profitable blogging activity. If you want your readers to flee when you do , do it step by step. Advertising should not be upset and have to add value to existing content. To increase the likelihood of selling directly to an advertiser not put Google Adsense also seen that you could hire out there and probably at a much lower price than you have in mind.

What are your tips for monetizing a blog?

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