List of accessories compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S IV

By | March 17, 2013

Want to Know the List of Accessories compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S IV ? Yesterday, Samsung there was a Live Event in New York to cover the Samsung Galaxy S IV, the new flagship of the South Korean company. Thanks to the information available on its official microsite. We can learn more about the list of Samsung Galaxy S accessories to accompany the device IV in its release.

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Accessories for Galaxy S IV

List of accessories compatible with the Samsung Galaxy S IV

Samsung plans to launch more than 10 accessories compatible with its official new smartphone including some really interesting, as the S Band, S Cover View, video game controller or a wireless charging pad:

S Band

The Samsung bracelet available in four colors: pink, blue, brown and black allow consumers to count your steps, calories burned and distance traveled. In addition, through its role in sleep efficiency, it will show you how much you have moved while you sleep and what’s your sleep quality.

Galaxy S IV -S Band

The S Band is waterproof and is automatically synchronized via Bluetooth with the official application S-Health 2.0 available by default on the device.

S View Cover

This is the new cover with display for Samsung Galaxy S IV. The main advantage of the S Cover View , very similar to the previous model that included, is that it has a small window at the top through which we can see all our notifications .

Galaxy S IV - S View Cover

This case is not included with the device and so far as with the Samsung Galaxy S IV,  price and availability is unknown.

Handheld video game

The control with a design is similar to the Xbox , which will be discussed topic in future articles, quickly paired with the device connectivity through NFC . The accessory is compatible with screens ranging in size between 4-6.3 inches .

Samsung Galaxy S IV - Handheld Video Game

It was really necessary to make a command with a design so similar to XBOX? Are Samsung devoid of original ideas? We will review the possible reasons for this decision later.

Wireless Charging Pad

The wireless charging pad is an optional accessory that may be available a few weeks after the launch of the device that requires a new back cover and a dedicated wireless charger.

Galaxy S IV - Wireless Charging Pad

We do not know any details about what type of wireless technology used but is expected to be the Qi standard , using the same devices as the Google Nexus 4 or Nokia Lumia 920 .

Besides these interesting accessories, Samsung has prepared different types of normal cases, a fitness band that monitors heart rate and a scale that measures weight and sends it directly to Samsung Galaxy S IV via Bluetooth.

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