Top 10 Reasons to Start a Blog if you’re a Student

By | December 10, 2012

I am passionate about blogging and is a subject that I’m honestly a little Obsessed . These are 10 and probably many more reasons to start a blog if you are a student.

1. Generate Monthly Income : It is difficult to get rich with a blog but with dedication, desire and effort can generate between 100-1000$ each month . This extra income you might find yourself a little job now with something you do not like too.  You have to invest at least 1 year before you see the first results.

2. Place your Name on Google : Students spend the holidays in minutes from offline to online. Most people carry smartphones that allow you to upload photos or videos to social networks immediately. When you send your resume to companies and people will look in Google, a blog helps you position your name.

3. Deepening a Theme : If you already have an idea about what you want to focus later in your career, a blog can help you to deepen this subject. What you learn in the books of the university is content that has completed a minimum of 3-5 years. When you bring a couple of months writing will even be able to bring new solutions and ideas to a topic and discuss the same level with your teacher.

4. Improve your English Level : You start taking opportunity to improve English (even if limited to the vocabulary).

Reasons for a student to create a blog

10 Reasons to Start a Blog if you’re a Student

5. Having your Resume Online : A blog can have a resume online. But also in the offline version should contain your blog. Because it will show that you do more than the minimum required to finish the race. Although the number is growing there are still few bloggers students. Take the opportunity to highlight and show proactivity.

6. Get Business Contacts : A blog that addresses issues of business reaches a target business. People already working in the area or industry you want to enter will be reading your blog. If your content is interesting, sure many will try to create some sort of link through LinkedIn, Twitter or email.

7. Find a Job : Between contacts you generate through your blog may include managers, headhunters or persons of HR departments. When you have finished the course, you may not have to start sending your resume but choose different jobs that already have arrived.

8. Negotiate a Higher Salary : The contacts you’ve gotten through the blog may be a justification to negotiate a higher salary. The argument is valid only if they really can be activated because the company will then see a real value and be willing to pay for it.

9. Recycle Academic Work : During college you usually create a lot of content that is not used after all. On the Internet, content is king. Maybe it makes sense to publish parts of your work as a blog posts.

10. Assemble your Own Business : A blog can be the first step to build your own company. In the blogosphere there is a very big entrepreneurial Circle. If you let yourself be caught up , you have access to a wide network of contacts that can help you make your first steps as an entrepreneur.

What is your reason for creating a blog?

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