10 Geniuses who died by their own Inventions

Throughout history there have been several stories of geniuses who died by their own inventions. For example, Marie Curie eventually be affected by radioactivity used in their research during the twentieth century.

10 Geniuses who died by their own Inventions

1. Thomas Midgley

It was an American chemist who developed both petrol lead. Became disabled due to poisoning by the latter. He maintained his interest in inventive, so he devised a complicated system of ropes and pulleys to install them on the bed so we can rise when necessary. However, this building was the cause of death to be trapped between the ropes that eventually strangle.

Thomas Midgley

 2. Jimi Heselden

The owner of the company that makes the modern and impressive two-wheeled vehicles, known as Segway, died Sunday, September 26, by a river near his home in northern England, after suffering an accident while driving one of their latest models, intended for use in field areas. Note that at this point, in particular, Heselden was not the inventor, just owned company which manufactures. At the time of his death, had an estimated fortune of 166 million pounds (195 million euros).

Jimi Heselden

3. Otto Lilienthal

Was an aviation pioneer. He made over 500 flights 2000 successfully, using his own inventions for five consecutive years. However, in mid-1896, he falled from a height of 17 meters. The impact broke his spine and a day later succumbed to his injuries. His last words were: “Always small sacrifices must be made.”

Otto Lilienthal

 4. Franz Reichelt

He was known especially for the invention of a coat which, he could act as a parachute. He tried to prove his creation leaping from the first deck of the Eiffel Tower, in front of a large crowd of spectators. The parachute failed to deploy and crashed to the ground, dying instantly.

Franz Reichelt

 5. Valerian Abakovsky

Born in Russia in 1895. He is remembered for being the creator of the “aerovagon”. This device was a high vehicle speed, that by a motor and a propeller aerodynamic traction luxurious way intended to carry Soviet politicians. In July 1921, during the first tests, the device grabbed so fast that ended up crashing and killing all six people aboard it, including a Abakosky. The prototype is considered the precursor of the M-47 engine.

Valerian Abakovsky

 6. William Bullock

He is the inventor of the rotary press, it would help to print hundreds of publications in the nineteenth century. Born in the United States and died while building the machine. While making an adjustment in a rotating gears Philadelphia Public Ledger, Bullock got stuck in the press, which hurt his leg. Lack of medicines and care, made the sick man of gangrene infection that would eventually kill him while doctors tried to amputate.

William Bullock

 7. Aurel Vlaicu

Romanian engineer born in 1882. From an early age he showed a particular liking for aviation, what he did not know is that taking this path would lead straight to the grave. Airplanes and built several prototypes of aircraft which came to perform various tests. It was on one of those trips where the man lost his life. While piloting the model “Vlaicu II”, the inventor lost control of the ship due to a mismatch in the mechanism. The vehicle crashed miserably in the Carpathian mountains in 1913.

Aurel Vlaicu

 8. Marie Curie

Nobel Prize twice for his great contributions to chemistry. The Polish-born woman is a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, where she made several discoveries, which have many applications today. Her studies led to prolonged exposure to radioactivity, a situation that ended up affecting your body. In the early nineteenth century, was unaware of the negative effects that could result, so Curie worked tirelessly until she became blind. She died in 1934.

Marie Curie

 9. Donald Campbell

British racer; accumulated several speed records throughout their life. It was the only subject, during the fifties, to register marks on land and in water. In seeking to achieve faster, changed its name watercraft Bluebird K7, which reached 300 kilometers per hour. During a race made it to the 330 km / h, but the vehicle overturned and ended up killing him.

Donald Campbell

 10. Alexander Bogdanov

He developed an interest in human rejuvenation through blood transfusions. With the hope of eternal youth, made 11 blood transfusions in her body. He died from blood transfusion from a student who had tuberculosis and malaria.

Alexander Bogdanov

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