10 Great Ways to Use Dropbox

Dropbox definitely marked a before and after in terms of file storage, while dozens of services have been created to take full advantage of its capabilities in the cloud. Here are 10  services and applications that will further enhance our users experience.

As a bonus, worth commenting that regardless of the number of services we activate to work with Dropbox, you can always delete them and manage them through the application section .

1. As Hosting for your Website

Drop Pages
Want free hosting service without having to settle for disreputable pages? The feature that allows Dropbox to do not exclude any file public HTML, CSS and JavaScript, so it’s just a matter of loading the right way. To take care of the details including the domain configuration are alternatively DropPages , Scriptogr.am and Pancake.io .

2. To keep in sync your Google Docs

Insync  is an application for Windows and Mac, making it possible to upload documents to Dropbox instantly available in Google Docs. Similarly to the other direction, to create a new document from the Google service and have it simultaneously our Dropbox folder. After installing and granting permissions Google Accounts It is only necessary, at least in Windows – go to Insync icon in the notification bar, and right click on the window Preferences select the path of the Dropbox folder on our team.

3. To store files directly from your Mail sending

Attachments.me is a service that connects our Gmail account to manage and save attachments easily Dropbox (through the application or through the Chrome extension ). SendtoDropbox is another good alternative that will generate an email address type xxxx @ sendtodropbox.com Dropbox Uploader sending them to this post.

4. To download and save YouTube Videos

Video dropper

VideoDropper to send YouTube videos to Dropbox with just paste the URL of the video in the web service.You only need to log in with the credentials to put up Dropbox. Additionally it allows to convert them from an iPhone or iPod Touch.

5. To download files from a URL

URL Droplet

To download files directly to Dropbox you can use URL Droplet. It consists of a large search box where we shud paste the URL of the download (useful with PDF files) and ready, alert as the loading bar, and will be available from our virtual folder.

6. As a free Text Editor distractions


Write Box is a simple tool that lets you create and edit text files from our Dropbox folder. The interesting thing is that is responsible for removing all kinds of bars and buttons that can create distractions in our writing process.

7. As a library to Store and Listen to our Music for online


TunesBag is an online music player that also allows you to link our music stored on Dropbox to add, manage and listen to it with just a few clicks. Again, only assign permissions to both services for synchronization.For tunesBag, you can perform the registration from here .

8. To automate tasks with the files stored

Automate Dropbox

Ifttt and Dropbox Automator are a couple of tools to define a series of commands and tasks with our files uploaded to Dropbox: “upload photos to Facebook”, “convert PDF to TXT and send”, “adding watermarks to images “,” encrypt “,” decrypt “and thousands of additional uses.

9. To save web pages and multimedia content from the browser

Similar to the Evernote Web grabber with Gimme Bar is possible to save photos, videos, text fragments, entire web pages and other content on the web that we find. The only difference is that everything will go to the Dropbox folder.

10. Send files to anyone automatically


And finally to allow you to send large files directly to our Dropbox account, we have DROPitTOme, A service that generates custom URLs that our contacts can use to send to. As a measure of safety , requires password to begin charging.


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