5 Reasons Why Forums are Better than Social Networks

The  forums,webmasters, Internet, blogs and domains are still one of my main sources of information. Social networks are also obviously useful, but have certain disadvantages. Forums are better than Social Networks because:

Forums vs Social Networking

Higher Concentration of Experts : Experts enjoy being with each other. On a forum very focused on a theme have the opportunity to meet and exchange new information and answer questions.

More detailed : A forum is not frowned upon lengthy and detailed responses – quite the opposite. In social networks like Twitter and have a technical limitation of 140 characters.Very detailed responses do not fit in the concept of social networks because they have a more dynamic communication objective and brief.

Best Content Structure : A forum is classified into different categories that are part of the main theme. To find the relevant information,it has better usability level, which means  saving of time to find key information compared to social networks.

Documentation of the discussion : Personally, I prefer the way forum discussions are documented. It facilitates the monitoring and the relaunch of talks between users.

Reliability of information : A forum usually has a moderator who is very attentive to the discussions. User forums usually have a very low tolerance for self-promotion or advertising. The data obtained are  therefore, more reliable than in social networks, where studies show that most users have commercial objectives.


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