9 Great Photography Apps for iPhone

Photography Apps for iPhoneThe native application of iPhone is not a big deal, serves its function and nothing else, so it’s always good to have other photo apps installed to make original photos with fun effects. I have compiled a list of 9 great photography apps for iphone.

The best-known application of photography with effects and filters is Instagram , but we must not be alone with it, there are many interesting alternatives worth trying. These are  free apps and you do not have to pay a dime, so I hope you like them.

1 – PowerCam

It is a very complete Free App. We can add effects in real time as we take photos or record videos.It has more than 60 effects and filters ready to apply and give an original touch to your photos. Obviously it comes with options to share our photos or videos on social networks.



2 – Vintique

Vintique is an application to take pictures and apply  vintage or retro effects, a total of 32 elegant effects that give a very cool touch to your photos. On the other hand we can also do basic edits in the color balance, temperature, brightness,contrast and saturation. Finally, it also incorporates social features to share our creations.


3 – Frametastic

This app is for lovers of collages like to share many photos, as it gives them the ability to create photo collages with edges. Bring a set of predefined templates or matrices where we can start adding photos with different effects that we like. Obviously we can share our photos with social networks.


4 – ColorBlast!

This app is to create those black and white photos in color but with bosses as seen in the image below. The photo is converted to black and white and we  have to chose  the color.


5 – Fisheye

It is simply an app to take pictures with the traditional fisheye effect.


9 great Photography Apps for iPhone

6 – Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera is the new Facebook app to take pictures, with which we can take photos, apply effects and share them on social network. Our friends can comment on and we comment on them.

Facebook Camera

7 – Pic Stitch

Another app for creating photo collages, comes with 32 templates to choose from the predefined. We can also add a particular effect for each photo and place it in the desired frame. Obviously, we can share our creations in the most popular social networks.

Pic Stitch

8 – Photoset

Photoset is a new app launched by the creators of movie that lets you create sets of photos to share with friends. We can take pictures from the camera or select from the reel. Once finished, we can generate a link to share with whoever we want.


9 – Photo Mage

This app is simple but effective, allows us to take photos or select the spool and then apply effects and add descriptions with very cool custom fonts. We can also share them on social networks.

Photo Mage

This was the edition for iOS users, but be aware that in a few days it will be available Android .

If you know of an app worth mentioning, please do not hesitate to tell in the comments!

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