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Stormfly is an interesting concept of having a computer on your wrist . I like it because it leaves the idea of cloud PC and puts it in a more earthly way. I have nothing against having it all in the cloud but sometimes, internet is not available at some places. You go to a machine and has no internet connection so you can not access your virtual desktop.  So, better to have it in place and this is where Stormfly comes into play.

Computer on Wrist

A Computer on Your Wrist

Stormfly gives us the ability to have our PC wherever we want. It relies on a bracelet-shaped device that carries a connector USB 3.0 and a memory of 16GB . This bracelet is connected to the Mac or PC you want to use, reboot and go. Stormfly takes control of the machine and makes you start with your operating system. Thus we enter our personal PC with our files and our backup configuration. It should be mentioned that the USB is 3.0, so if we access a machine that supports the high transfer speed we will not learn that we are not in a native environment.

Within 16GB memory reserved you have 8 operating systems, 4 for our data in the OS and 4 for use as a hard disk partition, if we want to use it as a stick USB normal. All this in a very discreet and portable wrist.Moreover, much as the premises are based on what is within the operating system have the option to make a backup of our servers with Computing Now . If by chance we lost the bracelet they will send us a new one and our data would be downloaded so that it would all set.

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If security concerns you need to know that everything is encrypted with 128-bit key and requires a password when booting into operating system. Its creators, Computing Now, are based in Barcelona, ​​Spain and suggest its use for children who want to use the home PC and important files, schools, students, business people traveling or people concerned about the security of data access committed to a PC that could contain viruses.

For now the Stormfly can support through Kickstarter and if all goes well could be shipped in April.

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