An Amphibious Robot that Crawls Smoothly

Salamandra Robottica 2 is a robot that crawls around and without any problems. It is an amphibious robot that mimics the movement of a salamander and its creators have tried to replicate the movement of this animal designing a robot that can walk or crawl on land and swim easily in water.

Robot that Crawls Smoothly

 An Amphibious Robot that Crawls Smoothly

The design has been created by the laboratory biorobotics the EPFL in Switzerland, who created the Salamandra to understand how an animal could change their moves so naturally. This built a model mimicking a salamander, with vertebrae and its members and that could change according to whether it was in the water or not.

To walk, it took advantage of a rotating limbs but for swimming it took oscillators. Then you can send commands such as changes in the direction and speed wirelessly. This yields the first robot that can swim like a fish, like a snake crawling and walking like a lizard.

In fact, this robot is the evolution of the first model that was made ​​in 2007 and to which he has introduced many improvements such as faster when swimming, a folding tips to better simulate microcontrollers and muscle coordination. With these improvements the researchers are hoping to get a robot to move equally in water and on land so use that knowledge to develop tools that can assist in search and rescue projects.

For now we have this design that is quite funny and friendly. Would lack a bit of skill to get around in terrestrial environments but have to wait for a better or more robot size.

An Amphibious Robot that Crawls Smoothly

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