Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013 [Must Have]

As you’ve landed searching for best android apps for rooted phones then you must be aware of what android rooting is all about. You can read the advantages of rooting android in order to convince yourself for rooting your beloved android phone.

Coming to the topic directly, there are lots of apps which work only on rooted android phones. This is because these apps require full system privileges and it is possible only in the rooted android phones.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013

Here I’m including best android apps for rooted phones 2013. All of these apps will provide a very unique and useful function to your rooted android phone.

Meanwhile, you should also install one antivirus app on your android phone whether it is rooted or not because there are lots of security threats going on.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013

So before installing any app on your android phone I’ll recommend you to check best antivirus for android 2013 and install any one of the antivirus mentioned and reviewed by me.

ROM Manager

After rooting your device, your first will be to install a genuine and fully functioning custom ROM, right? Install ROM Manager app on your rooted phone and it will provide you a list of available ROMs for your rooted phone.

ROM Manager

You can directly download custom ROM from this app and flash on your rooted phone. You can try the initial free version but I’ll recommend you to go for paid version in order to get best ROMs. [Download]

System Tuner

Rooting is done to get full system privileges so that we can control the proceedings of the system. As you’re not a master of android OS so you will need an app which will let you control the deep integrated system i.e. CPU.

System Tuner

Try System Tuner which is available as free on the GooglePlay store and it will allow you to play with the system of your rooted phone. It is one of the best android apps for rooted phones. [Download]

Titanium Backup

When it comes to taking backup of any android phone then everyone recommend this app and it is really worth. For all your backup related queries, the best solution is Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup

This best android app for rooted phone is packed with lots of features that will allow you to take complete control over the backup. But you need to buy the paid version to unlock all the pro features. [Download]

Root Explorer

You must have tried ES File Explorer which is very popular and best file explorer app among android users but as you’ve rooted phone then you should try Root Explorer app.

Root Explorer

This app will let you know the deeper file structure on your rooted phone. But if you’re not interested in knowing deep file structures then don’t go for this app, it’s not FREE! [Download]

CPU tuner

Another app that allows rooted phones users to play with their android phone’s CPU. The best feature of this app is that it allows underclock of CPU that will save battery and also overclock of CPU that will increase the performance.

In short, this app will give a remote control to the processor of your rooted android phone. [Download]


There are lots of apps which are available in specific countries only and you’re not allowed to download them from your country.

But once you install this app then it changes your country locations and this is how you will be allowed to download those apps from the GooglePlay store. [Download]

Screencast Video Recorder

If you want to create video tutorial on any task that you’ve done on your rooted android phone then try this app. It allows creating high quality videos of your rooted android phone.

Using this app you can create video tutorial easily which you can share with your friends, just to help them! [Download]


In case your device’s internal storage is completely full and it is not provided with external SD card slot then you can try this app and it will allow your rooted phone’s content to store on the USB drive.

Yes, it is possible! You can connect USB drive via US2GO cable and then transfer content to that easily using StickMount app. [Download]

Call Master

To get better control on your phone calls, contact manager app and text, use this app.

Call Master

I’ll not go deeper into telling about this app but rather suggest you to try it on your own. It’s simple and worth. [Download]

Undelete for Root Users

Most of the times, we delete some file but want it back, right? Here comes the role of this best android app for rooted phones.

It will allow you to restore the file which you’ve deleted earlier. Just move on to the Undelete folder and there you’ll find all the files that you’ve deleted so far (after installing this app). [Download]

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