MiiPC – Android PC for less than 100$

The MiiPC is part of the new breed of MiniPCs that are aimed at an audience that probably already has a laptop and does not need to spend too much money on a desktop computer.

That is why these MiniPCs can be connected to TV or dedicated monitor with a mouse and keyboard and then we have the full team.  MiiPC is One of the new players that its creators have launched a campaign to Kickstarter to reach the market.

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MiiPC - Android PC

MiiPc – Android PC

For now if you judge the product by the success of the campaign, we would give resounding thumbs up because in just a day, they are about to reach the $ 50,000 goal.

The MiiPC is a personal computer that runs on Android but is suited for desktop tasks. Its functions would be similar to those of the Raspberry Pi but is not as bare factory and is more user friendly without knowledge.

Delivery is committed between July and September and is optimized to be taken right out of the box. Within a processor incorporates Marvell Armada New Dual Core 1.2GHz, similar to using the Google TV.

Then we have 1GB of RAM and 4GB expandable memory.  Although the creators of remark MiiPC much parental control capabilities that can have the device in front of a conventional model (with an app for smartphones included) where you see is the use of capabilities as multimedia entertainment device.

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It Incorporates HDMI FullHD resolution that gives us and also incorporates a receiver Miracast support. Other connections include microphone input, Ethernet port and two USB ports for mouse and keyboard.

And as we said, MiiPC comes with Android and iOS apps to control PC applications and know how long each has been used.

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