Andy Rubin resigns as head of Android

Google just announced that Andy Rubin, who is the original creator of the famous operating system Android which currently operates under a huge amount of mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets, worldwide, no longer holds office of chief development in green android platform.

Andy Rubin resigns as head of Android and now it becomes the job of  Sundar Pichai , who is currently the Vice President of Chrome and Application Development.

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Andy Rubin resigns as head of Android

Rubin was responsible for giving life to the company Android, Inc. and its principal development, a simple and lightweight operating system based on Linux , ideal for use in mobile devices. Google took over the company and joined Andy Rubin on staff as Head of Development and lead author of the platform that gives today’s mobile life to carry in your pocket so many of us.

Andy Rubin resigns operating on Google, but according to the press officer Larry Page , CEO of the search engine company, will not go away completely and will continue with an executive position in the company and begin new adventures in new projects of those who do not know anything, but considering the past of this great developer, we can expect pleasant surprises and great products.

In addition, Andy Rubin waiver of Android development reins in the best time living the platform , with more than 750 million devices activated worldwide (a staggering figure, no doubt), 25 billion apps downloaded from the official store Google Play Store, and many more achievements that make the operating system more impact in the current market.

Android development will now be under Sundar Pichai , vice president of Chrome and Application Development, who also continue to exercise its current tasks.

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From now on, the Android operating system and everything related to it will be the responsibility of the minds of three men: Sundar Pichai, Hugo Barra and Matias Duarte . We’ll have to wait to see what great innovations born of this union.

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