Apex Launcher for Android – Customize Homescreen Your Way [Review]

Once the Facebook has launched the new Home launcher with its HTC First device people have started looking for launcher apps for their android device.

There is an increase in the number of downloads of launching apps since the launch of Facebook home UI. Although Facebook must have patented the UI so that no one can use that but still there are lots of other attractive UI available.

Apex Launcher for Android

The best part of the android because of which it is so popular is that it is completely customizable. You can keep your device looking exactly you want to by either using the Custom ROMs or normally by using apps.

I’m here with one best launcher app for android which is very impressive in its feature and graphics, the Apex launcher for android. Let me take you to the review of the app directly.

Apex Launcher for Android – Review

Before starting with the review I must tell you the requirement for using this app. It is compatible with device running on ICS and Jelly Bean.

Yes, it’s not available for the previous versions than ICS (4.0) so if your device is running Gingerbread or Froyo then nothing here for you.

Apex Launcher Review

Now coming to the review of the app for ICS and Jelly Bean users, the app is available at the official GooglePlay store in two versions. One is free and other is off course the paid one.

I started off with the free version and found its features very impressive. I was able to add HD kind of widgets to my home screen and it also allowed me to hide a particular app.

The apex launcher for android app is a complete package of different folder styles, background pictures, icons and other feature stuff.

When I started using the app then I thought that I’ve either purchased a paid app or else I’m dreaming.

The app also adds gesture features to the home screen and you can pinch and swipe around the home screen comfortably.

I thought of putting all the app shortcuts to the home screen and for that I was looking to create a separate page. I was very impressed to see that this app allows me to create up to 9 home screens. Amazing, isn’t it?

The next thing came into my mind is that what if I feel bore of having so much shortcuts at the home screen? Well, I can hide any dock any time. Superb!

Apex Launcher Free Download

The app comes with backup feature integrated within which keeps my app data secured and it also adds further customized security options using which I can lock down my HTC One V.

The most common issue with every android device is that the wallpaper we add behind moves down to every home screen but this app allowed me to fix one wallpaper (complete) at one home screen and other at other home screens.


So I think after going through my review you’re about 60% convinced and rest will be done when you start using the app. You can try the free version of the app and buy the paid one if you’re really crazy about customization.

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