How to Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

There is lots of messenger app available now for android smartphones or tablets but still Facebook Messenger is among the top because most of the mobile phone users are using Facebook on their mobile phone.

There is no option to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app.

Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

No doubt, Facebook Messenger app is very impressive, fast and looks simple but still lacks one very important feature which people are looking around.

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I’m not kidding, Facebook hasn’t provided any option to manage online/offline in Facebook messenger android app but still you can try out the two ways mentioned below.

Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

These two methods are not very impressive but still you don’t have any other choice then by using them.

Method #1 to Appear Offline Facebook Messenger Android App

So here is the first method, follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Facebook account via either browser app on your android app or browser in your PC or laptop.
  2. Now change the chat settings and switch from online to offline.
  3. You can use the “Advanced” settings in order to appear online for selected friends.

Advanced Chat Settings on Facebook

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Method #2

Second method is just a part of first one. In order to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app you need to first Turn Off chat by logging in with Facebook app or by using it via any browser.

Now whenever you login using Facebook messenger android app then you’ll be offline to everyone but still you can send messages to any of your friend.

There are options in the official Facebook android app to change settings of Chat. You need to check the right bottom corner for that.

I know I didn’t have any professional answer here for this problem but still these are the only way out that will work for everyone. Hope you got the way out to the problem of how to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app.

Facebook Home UI

Don’t forget to update to latest version of Facebook Messenger android app in order to use latest features and faster messaging to all your Facebook friends.

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If you use a high end android smartphone then you can download the free Facebook Home UI app to use the latest UI developed by Facebook.

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