Best Quality Backlink Building Techniques 2013

Well, this is one of the most discussed topic under the SEO 2013 techniques that how to build quality backlinks these days. Or what are the best backlink building techniques in 2013?

Particularly after affects of Panda and Penguin algorithms over the Google search engine, all the bloggers are thinking more on the backlink part.

Backlink Building Techniques 2013

If someone asks me about building backlinks, then I straightly recommend him to concentrate over the quality and unique content.

Backlink Building Techniques 2013

Yes, quality and uniqueness of the content is the first and major thing every blogger should concentrate on. Next thing to concentrate is the SEO structure of the blog.

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But still there are some valid ways of building backlinks that you can use in the 2013 as well. Here I’m including them one by one.


Do you like having a low quality product or service even at free of cost?

I think you’ll answer no, right? Then why you’re offering low quality content or information to the readers of your blog?

Just concentrate more on the content that you’re publishing on your blog. If you keep the quality high then other blogs will definitely start linking to your blog.

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This will take time but the results out of this practice will be best and will stay for longer.

So from now onwards, concentrate over providing better quality information in a unique style to your readers.

Social Sharing

Do you use Twitter till now? I don’t think you do so to build backlink, right?

You must be wondering how backlinks can be build up via Twitter. But let me tell you it is easy and the fruits are very sweet. You only need to spend some time first.

Social Sharing

Make your twitter profile looking professional and add link of your website in your profile’s website and bio headings.

Now start tweeting and retweeting on the topics that you cover on your blog. Once people retweet your tweets or answer your tweets and mention any website link then this will create a backlink to you.

Other thing to do in social sharing heading is that share your articles to all your social network profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Blog Commenting

Look for commenting on other blog’s that are under the same niche as of your blog.

Don’t spam on other blogs otherwise your comment will not be approved rather comment down good quality and content related stuff so that it gets approved and leads back a backlink for you.

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Try to comment on blogs having commentluv enable or having option of website or URL where you can put your blog’s URL.

Other things to consider is that comment on good quality blogs, particularly with the high PR and the most important thing, keep the comment frequencies to maximum five comments per day.

Buying Backlinks

You must have seen lots of people practicing this more than all mentioned above, right?

I’m not against buying links as Google but where a blogger goes wrong?

I think it’s the limit. Yes, the limit!


When you start buying quick backlinks from other bloggers then try to keep the number of backlinks purchased to minimum. Like try and add these kinds of links to maximum three or five in number. If you go viral then Google will suspect your blog and it is very easy for them to find out whether a link is purchased or natural.

My advice will be to keep the number of purchased links to maximum three per day so that Google doesn’t suspect your site.

Also check the quality of the blog or website to which you’re linking.

Most popular way of getting backlinks these days is by doing guest posting.


I never recommend people to buy links or think too much about them. Rather I just tell them to concentrate over the quality and uniqueness of the content on the blog. If content is very unique and of very high quality then other blogs will automatically start connecting to yours.


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