Fresh Paint – A Best Drawing Application in Windows 8

If you are taking the canvas and brush, to express your creativity and compose beautiful works of art, you have to try Fresh Paint . It is a best drawing application specific charge for the new Windows 8, A powerful drawing tool that hiding behind a simple interface .

Fresh Paint - A Best Drawing Application in Windows 8

Fresh Paint – Best Drawing Application in Windows 8

You can create a design from scratch, use a template , work on an image from our gallery premises or take a photograph with the webcam . Fresh Paint has different brushes to shape the art is only a matter of time, not lack a complete color palette .

Fresh Paint is an application based on the re-imagination of the new operating system from Microsoft: Windows 8; This App paints wonderfully is designed for you, your friends and family.

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Remember that the human being is creative and artist by nature and we are born that way. From the first small scribbles do both with different items ranging from food, as some jam, to crayons, as this is a natural expression is a fundamental human need.

Creation is as natural as breathing and through scribbling yearn and imagine a different life. We believe that brilliant and innovative ideas can come from anyone at any time, because within each there is a creative genius awaiting release.

It’s time to set our creativity and exploit it to the fullest, which is why I present Fresh Paint, an exclusive app for Windows 8.

If you want to use this app then show you the steps you must take to install on your PC.

  • Install Windows 8 on your PC and access the Windows Store.

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  • Join the Entertainment section.
  • Search for the app Fresh Paint & Click to access and view its features.
  • Click Install and proceed automatically to download 25.8 Mb and then it is automatically installed on your PC.
  • Go back to your home screen and search access to the app installed.
  • Get Fresh Paint and begins to explore and enjoy its features.
  • Fresh Paint will receive a panel where you can choose between different tools such as pencils, brushes, eraser, crayons and an advanced color palette.
  • You can choose from solid colors or textures to use as background on your canvas, you can also import any image from your local files or you have shared in the cloud, or if you want to take a picture with the camera on your device and either a tablet or a web cam.
  • Save your canvas locally or store it directly in the cloud int the .PNG Format, lightweight format so you can also easily share this image on your social networks.
  • Finally, the access to Fresh Paint will again welcome a gallery like the recent file history where you can directly modify any canvas done before.

As you see Fresh Paint App is a very powerful but easy to use at a time, and you will make the best designs like you are a professional artist. Recommended for children and entertainment for any artist remove their full potential.

If you want more of this app you can visit their website : FreshPaint

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