Best Facebook Tricks 2013

Everyone on Facebook wants to impress his/her friends by doing some unique stuff which others may not know. You also want to do that, right?

This is where facebook tricks come into the role as the majority of Facebook users still not known of the best Facebook tricks 2013.

Best Facebook Tricks 2013

Best Facebook Tricks and Tips 2013

Just to help you, I’m including here the best must know Facebook Tricks and Tips 2013 that you must try out and impress others by trying different things there on Facebook.

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See Private Pictures on Facebook

We are not allowed to see photos that have been made private. This thing happens with most of us many times.

When we move to someone’s profile and look to click at profile picture then Facebook doesn’t allow us to do that. But here I’m with a simple trick that will allow you to view private picture easily.

  1. Go to timeline of the person you want to see picture.
  2. Right click on profile picture and click on “Open image in new tab”.

That’s it! The picture will open in a new tab where you can zoom in or zoom out to have the perfect look at that picture.

Update Black Status – Best Facebook Tricks 

You must have seen lots of people or pages update their status as blank.

Update Blank Status Facebook

To try updating your status as blank you need to put “@[3:3: ]” in the status area and post it.

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Hide/Remove Posts from a Person on Facebook

We all have lots of friends who always put stupid things via their profile and every time we see those things we say, WTF!

If you don’t want to delete that friend and still don’t want to see his/her stuff then try this trick.

  1. Go to the stuff posted by the person whom you don’t want to see stuff anymore.
  2. Move your mouse (don’t click) to the profile name and let the Timeline preview appear.
  3. Now move your Mouse to Friends option over there but don’t click.
  4. Now uncheck the option “Show in News Feed”.

HideRemove Posts from a Person on Facebook

That’s it! Now you’ll never see stuff from that friend in News Feed.

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Download Facebook Photos in Zip

I thought of downloading all my Facebook photos by a single click and all the photos can be downloaded in zip format.

Or in your case, you must have thought to download all your crush’s photos in a single click, right or wrong?

In any case, you can download all photos of anyone in zip file by following method.

  1. Go to Facebook2zip online application and login with your Facebook account there.
  2. Now either choose your profile or type in your friend’s name to select his/her profile and click on Next button.
  3. Click on “Select all the albums” option at the bottom and click on Download button.

Download Facebook Photos in Zip

That’s it! Process will start that will take time depending on the number of pictures and albums. Once process is completed, all the photos will be downloaded in the zip format.

How to Remove Facebook Ads

To disable most of the annoying Facebook ads, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Now click on Ads from the left hand side bookmark menu.
  3. Click on “Edit” button at top right corner for “Third Party Sites” heading and then choose “No One” from the little menu. Do this with “Ads & Friends” also.
  4. Click Save Changes to change the settings for Facebook ads.

How to Remove Facebook Ads

That’s it! Now you’ve removed or disabled the Facebook ads on your profile.

Send Files from Facebook Messages

It is possible to send files directly from your Facebook messages as an attachment. Read below steps to know how,

  1. Click on Messages from the left hand side bookmarks.
  2. Select previous message or create New Message.
  3. With the box where you can enter text to send, there is one more option labeled as “Add Files”, click that.
  4. Now select the file you want to send and hit Enter button to send the file once it is uploaded.

Send Files from Facebook Messages

You can also send files or photos directly from the Chat box. To do so go through following steps,

  1. Open the Chat box for any friend.
  2. Click on Gear icon there and click on “Add Files” option.
  3. Now choose the file you want to send and hit enter once it is uploaded.

Send Files from Facebook Chat

That’s it! This is how you can send files directly from the Facebook chat box.

Stop Receiving Notification from Any Post

It happens many times with all of us that we first comment on any status but later we aren’t interested to get notifications from that post.

Stop Receiving Notification from Post

To stop receiving notifications from post you commented on, move to that post and click on “unfollow post” option right there at bottom of the status.

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This is how you can stop receiving notifications from any kind of post your profile is linked with.

Warning about Facebook Tricks and Tips

There are lots of pranks and tricks going on at Facebook but don’t follow any of them directly. Lots of people get their account hacked by using such applications or following tricks.

The tricks I mentioned above are all working well and none of them are harmful. So you can try these best Facebook tricks and tips 2013 without doubting.

There are apps which allow watching live videos, downloading videos, send free SMS from Facebook, etc. Don’t use any of them because I got notification from Facebook officials that these apps doesn’t use secure browsing parameters.

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