Best Tech Toys from Toy Fair 2013

The Toy Fair 2013 , held this week in New York, is where developments in tech toys and where manufacturers present their innovations. Although many are traditional toys, this year has been not only technological but many toys that integrate with other media such as television, iPad or smartphone. It seems to be opening for a new trend of toys and accessories online. Since it is assumed that many people already have an iPad or a smartphone because many work on them with an accessory and an application.We then go over the ones that have caught your eye.

Best Tech Toys from Toy Fair 2013

Best Tech Toys from Toy Fair 2013

Future Cube

The Future Cube is a cube that fits in the palm of your hand and contains 54 LEDs multicolor , 9 on each side. It also has a vibrating motor, accelerometer, gravity sensor and touch, wireless options and beeps.What is curious is that it comes preloaded with games and puzzles you can play with the lights and gravity. For example, playing snake and have to be rotating the cube to follow the path. The most important thing is that an SDK will be released soon with what the possibilities will expand even more. It costs $ 99 at ThinkGeek .

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PowerUp 3.0

PowerUp 3.0 is a drone, just without tickets. At least until you do your PowerUp since the 3.0 is the engine of the plane. Works with airplanes made ​​of paper, as you did in school. Only now you can put a motor and control it with your mobile phone via the application required. Works with phones that support Bluetooth 4.0 and provides 10 minutes of flight per charge of 3 minutes. It will be available in September for about $ 50 .


WowWee RoboMe

The RoboMe is a robot with iPhone head. Although works without iPhone, when you have the iPhone, or iPod Touch, it’s more fun when you can give as a personality. It also responds to the joystick so as to voice commands and can recognize faces and voices of different people. The RoboMe has an IR sensor and we can follow, as well as record video. It also allows the robot to call from another phone and talk to anyone in use. And if you call using the application can control the robot remotely.

It will be available in July for about $ 90 .


The Cloudrobots is a video game but real. That is, it is controlled like a video game but each user has his robot boxer who competes against another actual robot. These robots contain 21 engines and is all controlled by an AVR chip, giving them very accurate Experience. They are controlled by remote control that works via Bluetooth. And there is no risk of breakage because in its current state does not actually touch.Instead the points are counted in the virtual environment, we can see through a screen. Therefore mark robots blows only. For now it will be an expensive toy as the final price in retail is estimated at 300$ .


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LittleBits are a small number of electronic modules, each with a specific function, whether light, sound, switches, sensors, buttons, motors, etc. While alone do nothing, when linked together can combine their functions to make things happen. They are connected by magnets, so no need to know but if you allow electronic learning capabilities of each component. The only limit is the creativity of the user. The modules are open source and there is a community that shares behind their designs and prototypes.New modules are added regularly.

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