Best Torrific Alternatives 2013

As you’re looking for best torrific alternatives then you must have either used Torrific or heard about it from your friend. It was the best source to download torrent files directly without any torrent client or any other software.

But as I said, it was a best source because it’s not available now. That’s why people like you are searching for the best torrific alternatives and guess what I got a list for you here.

Best Torrific Alternatives 2013

Best Torrific Alternatives 2013

The list that I’ve included here has got most recommended, popular and best torrific alternatives that you can use to download torrents directly without any software.

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No one got time to wait, right? So this website is very fast and really good. It will allow you to download torrent files directly without.

Best Torrific Alternatives - ZBIGz

You just need to put the torrent download link or magnet link or you can also upload the .torrent file. And that’s it, the download will start instantly.

I’m including zbigz on top as its user interface is very impressive, clean and easy. Another reason is that downloading torrent is almost pain free.

To get best download speed, you need to switch to premium plan otherwise you will get maximum 150kbps download speed. allows unlimited downloads and its UI is again very impressive and simple. You can register as a free user but if you want maximum download speed then you need to sign up with a premium plan.

Best Torrific Alternatives -

Once you sign up for premium version then you can download up to 15 torrents simultaneously and that too at great download speed. You can learn everything about it by trying it.

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Sign up with Facebook or Twitter (easiest way), upload .torrent file and the download will start instantly. You don’t need to setup for any other option.

Best Torrific Alternatives - Boxopus

The download speed I got using Boxopus was better than above two websites. Personally I like this one better than above two when I used it but still the UI of zbigz and were best.

Once you upload .torrent file on to the server then files are downloaded to the FileStream’s server.

Once the download completes then FileStream will notify you and then you can download files from their server at high speed. As the files are stored on the cloud storage so you can download those files from anywhere.


When you head over the official homepage then it will ask you to login either via Facebook or via Google and then straightly you can put the torrents on download.

Best Torrific Alternatives - BTCloud

It provides 1GB of free storage but you can increase that by purchasing the premium plans.


Now the last website that I’ll recommend you is the Torrenthandler. You tell which files you need to download; they will download those and save them in their server.

Then you can download those files from Torrenthandler’s server. This is how you will get maximum possible download speed as files will be downloading from single server.

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On to You Now – Torrific Alternatives

Now it depends on you which source you want to use. But do share this list to your friends so that they can know about this method of downloading torrent files at great speed.

I hope you like all the listed best torrific alternatives. So give your valuable feedback via your valuable comments.


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