Best Windows Explorer Alternatives [Top 10]

Windows Explorer AlternativesBest Windows Explorer Alternatives : If you are someone who used much the Windows Explorer ( the file manager that Microsoft brings by default, not to be confused with Internet Explorer ) to your normal duties, be aware that there are many alternatives designed to increase your productivity and be much faster to perform certain repetitive tasks. So here i present few Best Altertives to Windows Explorer.

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The Windows Explorer is usually more than enough for most users, however, it lacks certain features such as the use of tabs ( like in browsers ) or accessibility greater for tasks with fewer clicks. Let’s take a very brief overview of the main features in more than 10 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives.

Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

Top 10 Best Windows Explorer Alternatives

1. Cubic Explorer

An interesting one among the windows explorer alternatives is Cubic Explorer, that it supports tabs, multimedia file viewer and editor integrated text files, filters to exclude or include certain files in the list and personalization of all kinds. It is fairly intuitive and well organized.

It is open source and there is a version portable for use directly ( from a USB device, for example ) without installing.

Download | Cubic Explorer

Download | Cubic Explorer Portable

2. Explorer ++

If you are very accustomed to Windows Explorer and what you’re looking for something very similar, but with added functionality, you can try Explorer++. This is a best alternative to windows explorer which respects the philosophy Microsoft Explorer, providing interesting new features : use of tabs, filters, direct access to a terminal for administrators, etc.,

Download | Explorer++

3. Ext2explore

It’s pretty widely believed that since Windows can not access disk systems ext2 , ext3 or ext4 , typical of Linux, however this is not entirely correct.

It is true that Windows does not offer support for these file systems, but it is possible to access the data on these discs if you use a browser such as Ext2explore.

Download | Ext2explore

4. FAR Manager

If you are a nostalgic of the old days or just you preferred the classic format of the shells of MSDOS , will be delighted with Far Manager. This is a browser for current Windows versions, but use the characteristic retro text interface MSDOS, with current common user needs.

Filter files with wildcard, FTP access, file editing classical style or color scheme customization are some of its many options.

Download | Far Manager

5. Immersive Explorer

On the other hand, if you are someone who has been enthralled with the new Windows 8 interface minimalist, your perfect choice is Immersive Explorer, a manager who uses the new Microsoft interface.

This is a file browser for users familiar with systems like Windows Phone or require a less traditional interface on your desktop. It is available in Spanish. Not recommended for haters of Windows 8.

Download | Immersive Explorer

6. FileMind

Filemind ( still in beta ) is a very interesting file explorer who cares much the visual aspect, trying to make it as pleasant as possible with a very showy.

It is very simple and straightforward, but may be of interest for users who only want to develop basic tasks and a simple, nice and cozy.

Download | FileMind

7. Just Manager

This is one among other Windows Explorer Altenatives and is a very traditional file browsers is Just Manager, simple and with several integrated tools to make it easier to use.

Download | JustManager

8. Commander

Commander is ideal for users who want a file browser with a very compact and traditional. Still, do not be fooled by its appearance. Integra supports archives like RAR or ZIP, hex editor, comparator folders, etc..

It supports both older versions of the operating system ( Windows 98 ) and with current versions ( Windows 8 ).

Download | Commander

9. Total Commander

Although it is not a free software, I’ve listed because of their relevance in this type of program. Total Commander has always been a reference application ( formerly called Windows Commander ), and includes support with Linux partitions ( ext2, ext3 or reiser ) and advanced tools to rename files in bulk.

Download | Total Commander

10. Better Explorer

If you like the Ribbon GUI ( known to be used in Office Products ) probably find interesting Better Explorer. Personally, I just get used to using any application with this interface, however, is said to be specially designed to improve usability.

Download | Better Explorer

I have listed some of the Best Windows Explorer Alternatives though there are many others. If you find any other Alternative to Windows Explorer, Pls suggest through Comments.

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