Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Review

Bitdefender Antivirus is the most prestigious name in the Internet Security market. Bitdefender had outclassed its rivals including Kaspersky, ESET and McAfee in the independent third party Lab tests by scoring 99.99% reliability as compared to lower reliability percentage of the following security softwares.

Many of the internet security providers had come up with many softwares dedicated to Windows 8 Operating System recently but Bitdefender’s Windows 8 Security is the only security package which is completely designed for Windows 8 only.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security Review

The main addition to  Bitdefender’s Windows 8 Security is the compatibility for Microsoft’s new Early Launch Anti-malware feature, which allows the program to launch before other boot drivers and can inspect them for protection.

In addition, the program can also check your Windows 8 applications for security issues, and adds with the Security Center to keep you in touch with your system’s security issues.

Bitdefender Windows 8 Security holds features vital for internet security, they are:-

  • Interactive Main interface : The Main UI of the software as it is fully compatible with windows 8 is also has the modern windows 8 alike interface. Bitdefender makes its security easy to use for the user and access all features from Main UI. You can access all features of Antivirus, Privacy, Firewall, tune up from the Main UI. All the Issues and warning can be seen from the Main UI which is quite well managed.
  • Early Start-up Scanner:  It Uses Early Launch Anti-Malware (Elam) technology which prevents your system from dangerous malware trying to infect your computer at Windows 8 startup.
  • Proactive App Scanner:  It automatically analyses your Windows 8 applications and alerts you when one has been compromised or suspicious activity takes place.
  • Security Info: Bitdefender is integrated with the Windows Security Center and continuously keeps you up to date of the security of your PC.
  • Scan Boost Technology:  You will experience the antivirus product you’ve always sought – high scanning rate, top anti-malware protection and a smooth experience.
  • My Bitdefender dashboard: The Dashboard includes the option to update your Bitdefender and Registration. It also contains Remote management, Safe box option, Anti theft, Parental control and secure Social Networking.
  • Full Privacy Protection: – Personal data filter prevents critical data, such as your social security number, from ever leaving your computer. It blocks websites supporting various scams or credit card phishing attempts. It keeps your conversations private on Yahoo! and MSN Messenger.
  • Bitdefender Autopilot:   It provides an interruption free experience by making optimal security-
  • USB Immunizer: Immunizes all flash drives and other storage devices so that you don’t have to worry about USB infecting your systems any more.
  • Advanced Parental control: Windows 8 security blocks improper content, allow you to limit web access between specific hours, and helps parents remotely monitor their children’s online activity.

Bitdefender Security for Windows 8 provides five different scan options to choose from i.e Quick Scan, System Scan, Custom Scan, Vulnerability Scan and Rescue Mode. This security suite costs $74.95 for license of a year which is applicable for 3 PCs.

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