Useful Tips to Increase Traffic on your WordPress Blog

Useful Tips to Increase Traffic on WordPress Blog : WordPress is the biggest blogging platform in the world. WordPress has been very popular since its advent and has been also a great platform for websites and online applications as well. It is easy to use and easy to customize. It is also known as a great content management system. Many websites are migrating to WordPress because it is an ideal platform for any website. The newer versions of WordPress are very much advanced and the advantage is that you can download for free.

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Useful Tips to Increase Traffic on WordPress Blog

Useful Tips to Increase Traffic on WordPress Blog

But having a website is not enough. The main idea is to reach out to the target audience. You need to generate enough traffic towards your website. If you are not in the face of the audience then no one will notice you. There are many ways you can generate traffic for your website. Let’s have a look at some tips that can help in increasing the traffic on our WordPress website.

The first thing that is needed in any website is quality content. Without quality content, no website can be successful. To get a higher ranking on Google you need to focus more on your content. Update your content on regular basis and always post fresh and unique content. This will also keep the audience interested at all times and they will keep coming back to your website/blog. Quality content is a good reason for you to come out on top.

To get better response try posting during business hours and always post on weekdays. There is more possibility of someone checking out your blog during these times instead of a weekend. Post at different times and check between what times you get the maximum views. Once you figure that out post during those hours.

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Many users would put maximum number of keywords in the Tags section. But instead of this the best thing to do would be concentrating on a few keywords that have the potential to generate good results for your website. Concentrate on four or five keywords and never overpower your content with a lot of keywords.

You can also make use of the WordPress update service. This will update other website when you make new posts on your blog or website. This will bring more visitors to your website. WordPress will ping other websites through Ping-o-Matic with the default listings. But if you want to add more sites then you can do it mechanically.

Any website should be using Google Analytics in order to stay updated about the stats of your website. This will show you how much traffic your website is generating and that way you will know which areas to concentrate while doing SEO for your website. Based on the reports you can also strategize your efforts so that you can generate more results.

Your content should always be optimized and SEO friendly. You should also optimize the images and the “ALT” tags on your website. This can really help you in your SEO activities and will help you achieve a higher ranking.

WordPress offers thousands of cool themes to their users. You can choose a theme that is SEO friendly and loads quickly without any hassles. Use the onboard SEO tools provided by WordPress and this will definitely help you to improve your rankings on the search engine.

Choose topics that will attract visitors at all times. Identify such topics and write about them so that more visitors will take interest in reading it. Have a few topics that will instantly attract attention, so that these posts will attract attention for a very long time.

10 Killer Tips to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog Quickly

Hello my Dear Readers. Today i am back with a Killer Post on How to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog or Site Quickly and Easily. If you are a Blogger or Webmaster, then you must be knowing about Alexa for sure. Hmmm for those who do not know what it is, just follow me.

What is Alexa?

Increase Alexa Rank QuicklyAlexa is a Website Analysis Company backed up by Amazon. It ranks a site depending upon the number of views on an average. Well, its not complete. It takes the views into account from only those browsers which contain Alexa Toolbar Installed or those sites which have a Alexa Widget installed on them. I feel this is an unfair system of analyzing websites but we just have to accept it as it is very much Important. So you might ask “Why Alexa is so much Important?”.

Why Alexa Rank is Important?

If you own a Blog, then you might already know why is it so important. Most of the Advertisers prefer advertising on a blog by looking at the Alexa Ranking. So it is equally important for us to Increase Alexa Ranking. I am gonna list out some important points that helped me in Increasing my Alexa Rank within a Short Span of Time. You can check my Alexa Rank here. I was able to acheive less than 100K rank in less than 3 months. So lets get Started

Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

10 Killer Tips to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly

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1. Claim Site

This is the first step you gonna do to Increase Alexa Rank of your Site. This will help you gaining full control over your site on Alexa where you can add description and other Info about your site so that it looks more appealing for the users.

2. Alexa Tool Bar

As i already said, visits from the browsers which have Alexa Toolbar Installed will only be taken into account for calculating your Alexa Rank. So try to install Alexa Tool Bar on your Browser as well as suggest your friends,readers,relatives and others to Install ALexa Toolbar on their Browser.

Click Here to Download Alexa Toolbar

Increase Alexa Rank Quickly


3. Alexa Widget

You might have got an idea why to install Alexa Widget 😛 . As i already mentioned, Views on a blog with Alexa Widget will get counted in Alexa Rank. So install a Alexa Widget on your sidebar or anywhere you like. It also helps your visitors know your alexa rank just by a glance.

4. Be Unique

Never post copied contents on your Blog. It may help you in short run, but in long run your site gonna get affected and you many lose your traffic which in turn doesn’t help you in Increasing your Alexa Rank.

5. Update Frequently

This one was one of my experiments that proved to Increase your Alexa Rank significantly for sure. If you update frequently, you will get more visibility in search engines that inturn will increase your index rate. Like Google, Alexa also loves fresh Content. So maintain your frequency and update your blog frequently. And yeah, don’t forget to Post Quality Content that will help your reduce your Bounce Rate. This will help your Boost your Alexa Rank.

6. Backlinks

Try to get some Quality Backlinks either by Commenting or Posting on other sites. This will help you increase your Authorship and build your brand among the readers of other Blogs which in turn will fetch you good amount of traffic.

More Traffic == Alexa Rank Increasing 😀

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7. Reviews

Write a review about Alexa and link back to

Also, ask your visitors and friends to review about your site on Alexa which will help your Improve your Alexa Rank.

8. Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is considered to be one of the best methods to drive traffic and Increase Alexa Ranking. Check the PR and Alexa Rank of the site you want to Guest Post before approaching.

9. Techy Traffic

Try to get visits from other bloggers, webmasters or Techy People as there is a high probability of having a Alexa Toolbar Installed on their Browsers which will Boost your Alexa Rank 😀 .

10. Social Media Promotion

This plays a very important role in Increasing your Alexa Rank. Try to promote your Articles on Facebook, Google+,Twitter, Delicious,Linkedin,Digg,Reddit or other Social Networking or Bookmarking Sites as they have a potential of sending you Massive Traffic which will help your Improve your Alexa Rank 🙂

Over to You

Now that i have covered most Important Tips to Boost your Alexa Rank. Though there are many other Blackhat Methods that will you Increase Alexa Rank Quickly like installing a refresh plugin on the browser and setting to refresh after a period of time, I would not recommend them as you may have issues with Adsense and other Advertising Platforms. But if you are more interested to Increase Alexa Rank of your Blog Quickly using Blackhat methods, you can go for many services which you can get by googling 😀

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Hope this little article helps your in increasing your Alexa Ranking. Be sure to share the results with us. If you want to mention any other tips to Increase Alexa Rank other than those i mentioned, we would be glad to hear them in Comments 😉

Thank you, Have a Great Day!

Best Quality Backlink Building Techniques 2013

Well, this is one of the most discussed topic under the SEO 2013 techniques that how to build quality backlinks these days. Or what are the best backlink building techniques in 2013?

Particularly after affects of Panda and Penguin algorithms over the Google search engine, all the bloggers are thinking more on the backlink part.

Backlink Building Techniques 2013

If someone asks me about building backlinks, then I straightly recommend him to concentrate over the quality and unique content.

Backlink Building Techniques 2013

Yes, quality and uniqueness of the content is the first and major thing every blogger should concentrate on. Next thing to concentrate is the SEO structure of the blog.

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But still there are some valid ways of building backlinks that you can use in the 2013 as well. Here I’m including them one by one.


Do you like having a low quality product or service even at free of cost?

I think you’ll answer no, right? Then why you’re offering low quality content or information to the readers of your blog?

Just concentrate more on the content that you’re publishing on your blog. If you keep the quality high then other blogs will definitely start linking to your blog.

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This will take time but the results out of this practice will be best and will stay for longer.

So from now onwards, concentrate over providing better quality information in a unique style to your readers.

Social Sharing

Do you use Twitter till now? I don’t think you do so to build backlink, right?

You must be wondering how backlinks can be build up via Twitter. But let me tell you it is easy and the fruits are very sweet. You only need to spend some time first.

Social Sharing

Make your twitter profile looking professional and add link of your website in your profile’s website and bio headings.

Now start tweeting and retweeting on the topics that you cover on your blog. Once people retweet your tweets or answer your tweets and mention any website link then this will create a backlink to you.

Other thing to do in social sharing heading is that share your articles to all your social network profiles like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Reddit, etc.

Blog Commenting

Look for commenting on other blog’s that are under the same niche as of your blog.

Don’t spam on other blogs otherwise your comment will not be approved rather comment down good quality and content related stuff so that it gets approved and leads back a backlink for you.

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Try to comment on blogs having commentluv enable or having option of website or URL where you can put your blog’s URL.

Other things to consider is that comment on good quality blogs, particularly with the high PR and the most important thing, keep the comment frequencies to maximum five comments per day.

Buying Backlinks

You must have seen lots of people practicing this more than all mentioned above, right?

I’m not against buying links as Google but where a blogger goes wrong?

I think it’s the limit. Yes, the limit!


When you start buying quick backlinks from other bloggers then try to keep the number of backlinks purchased to minimum. Like try and add these kinds of links to maximum three or five in number. If you go viral then Google will suspect your blog and it is very easy for them to find out whether a link is purchased or natural.

My advice will be to keep the number of purchased links to maximum three per day so that Google doesn’t suspect your site.

Also check the quality of the blog or website to which you’re linking.

Most popular way of getting backlinks these days is by doing guest posting.


I never recommend people to buy links or think too much about them. Rather I just tell them to concentrate over the quality and uniqueness of the content on the blog. If content is very unique and of very high quality then other blogs will automatically start connecting to yours.

Best On Page SEO Tips in 2013

To give boost to your blog’s traffic you need to optimize the content of each and every post or article. You must have published lots of quality articles but still not getting good traffic. This is where you are lacking good knowledge of On Page SEO tips.

After the Google Panda and Penguin updates, getting traffic to a blog mostly depends on the quality of content you publish but still On page optimization has its value.

You need to have a proper structure of the content in order to receive maximum traffic on your each article or post.

Definition of On Page SEO

All the techniques you apply to the content of your blog in order to rank better in search engines and get maximum traffic comes under the On page SEO heading.

On Page SEO Tips

It may sound crazy to you but I must tell you that On Page SEO still works and it has the maximum effect on the SEO of your blog or website as Off Page SEO (Link Building) is almost dead these days.

On Page SEO Tips

Let me take you directly on to the On Page SEO tips. I’ve included all the valid tips here and written them with lots of care so that you can understand these tips quickly.

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#1 URL

You may also call it Permalink. Till now you must have used the title of your post in the URL but its wrong these days. The URL should have maximum 4-6 words and that should be very specific to the title.

This one is wrong practice.

This one is RIGHT practice

So I think now it is clear how you need to optimize the URL of your content.

Now if you want to optimize all your previously published articles then you can apply 301 redirects so that users land on new URL from the previous ones but don’t change them as you will lose all your link juice and traffic.

#2 Content Format

Let me ask you one question. You like reading short and simple essays or the long ones?

I think you got the point which I want you to take care of. I know you need to write good number of words (most probably 500 words) but this is not the way of writing for readers.

Content Format

Your main target is to help readers of your blog and you can do that only by writing short and simple articles. Try to write good quality articles and off course the unique.

But make sure you write at least 300 words in your article. Try to make content look good. You can use good pictures as well which will definitely attract readers.

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Pictures are worth of thousand words so try to use relevant and good looking pictures.

#3 Internal Linking

When I started using internet then I use to read articles on Wikipedia. I use to find lots of links in each article there which lead to different related stories. This was perfect, right?

So why don’t you following it on your blog? Won’t it help your readers?

I think it will help your readers and also increase the page views of your blog.

So from now onwards start putting links to other related articles published on your blog.

If you find some really good article on the internet written by some other blogger then there is no harm in linking to that. This is called external linking and you must do it if it is really needed so that users get complete answer to his/her query.

#4 Keyword Density

This is very vital these days as Google is taking strict actions on bloggers who write only to include keywords in the articles.

I’ll recommend you to always write articles in free flow that is without thinking about keywords. As a SEO expert, I know the importance of keywords so I first write articles without worrying about keywords and then add few keywords in the articles.

SEO Tips in 2013

It will be best if you keep the keyword density less than 2% but also keep it at least 1%.

So, my advice is first write content and then add keyword 2-3 times in the article at relevant places so that content should not look like keyword farm.

#5 Headings and Sub Headings

Let me tell you in short and simple,

Use keyword one time in either H2 or H3 tag.

Use H2, H3, H4 tags in content so that users find easy to navigate through different sections of your article via these sub headings.

#6 Pictures and Videos

I already concluded that you must use pictures in your articles. Now I’m recommending you to use videos as well. If you find some video over the YouTube that is providing answer to a particular query of user/reader then do embed that video.

Pictures and Videos

It will be great if you create a simple tutorial video for users and include that within the article.

Also don’t forget to optimize pictures by adding proper Title and Alt texts.

Don’t forget to share this tutorial on Google+ to all your friends. Use the button below to +1 this tutorial and share on Google+.


I’ve included all possible tips that come under the “On Page SEO Tips” heading. Also make sure pages of your blog loads up faster. I hope you found everything simple and useful. I’ll conclude with one more statement that you must create content for users not for robots or search engines.

Does Blog Commenting Help SEO?

I’ve seen on many people providing blog commenting services on many forums and blogging related groups over the web. I went on with one person and he provided me the blog commenting services.

That time I didn’t knew the benefit of blog commenting but soon I saw the increase in PR of my blog and I also got few more visitors (when I checked Analytics).

Blog Commenting Help SEO?

Straight fully I thought of writing it down for all other bloggers who are still in dilemma whether blog commenting help SEO or not. My answer is typically YES.

Question – Does blog commenting helps?

Answer – Yes

Now why Yes?

How Blog Commenting Help SEO

I must tell you point by point and explain the reason of answering that question with Yes.

As a SEO expert I know the value of backlinks for a blog or website. If a blog or website is not having any backlinks then chances of getting PageRank from Google are almost negligible.

Blog CommentingAs a blogger you must have read or you must know that to increase the PageRank your blog need to connect to other blogs or websites via backlinks.

Now you can either purchase the backlinks or get it via blog commenting. If you are serious about your blog then it’ll be good to do the blog commenting for your blog by yourself. It will save your valuable money and also you will be in control of backlinks generated via comments.

Another benefit of blog commenting is that it brings back lots of free traffic, not organic but still valuable as who knows which customer is making conversions for us and which not.

As a blogger our main aim is to get more and more traffic so that we get maximum clicks on the advertisements, in short maximum conversion.

Now the next benefit is very impressive and you’ll love it. These days you must have heard about the keyword density, right? Every article on your blog should have an optimum keyword density otherwise your content will not get ranked on higher rankings.

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As now you’re restricted to use main keywords in limited numbers so you must be thinking of some other way to increase the keyword density naturally.

Here comes the role of comments. You only need to encourage readers of your blog to do comments or share their views or anything they want to via comments. This is how they will add a little content and there must be keywords in those comments.

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Now I think you got the point which I’m trying to explain you above. This is how you can increase the keyword density and that too automatically. Don’t worry about getting affected by Google’s algorithms as the keyword density is increasing naturally and Google don’t put any restriction on that.

Best benefit of commenting which I also personally like the most is that a community is created by commenting. When you start commenting on other blogs then you will get to know what other bloggers are doing and if other people are commenting on your blog then they are creating a community central on your blog.

Both ways you’re getting the benefit. So why to let it go?

What about Do-follow?

I’ll recommend you to watch the video down here in which Matt Cuts will explain you how to be on safe side and how to safely do the blog commenting on Do follow blogs.

Ready for Blog Commenting?

So I think you’re ready to get an extra bit of SEO benefit by the blog commenting but do read few Do’s and Don’ts before starting off.

What to Do?

  1. Prefer blog commenting on blogs that have same niche of your blog.
  2. Keep the frequency of comments limited. I’ll recommend you to do only 5 comments a day.
  3. Always try to put an impressive and high quality content in the comment so that your comment gets approved. Otherwise there will be no benefit if your comment is not approved.
  4. Look for the websites that have either CommentLuv plugin enabled or at least letting you put link to your website.
  5. Always check the quality of the blog before leaving comment.
  6. Write content on your blog in such a way that readers find themselves impressed by your writings and then they will definitely leave valuable comments.

CommentLuv plugin enabled

What to Avoid (Don’ts)?

  1. If your blog is about cameras then stick to camera or photography niche blogs. Don’t go for the travel niche. In rare cases you can put comment on other niche but that should be natural then. It should not look like that you’ve done comment to get backlink.
  2. Avoid doing spamming activities and putting lots of links back to your website otherwise your comment will not be approved.
  3. If someone placed a comment with a link that leads to a spammy or low quality website or blog then either remove the link from that comment or just don’t approve that. Otherwise that spammy link will hurt the SEO and reputation of your blog.
  4. Keep the number of comments limited. I already mentioned this point in DO’s because if you start making 10 or more comments daily then these comments will create that much number of backlinks for you. If your blog is getting too much backlinks in short period of time then Google start looking it as Spammy activity.


I think I’ve covered all the topics that needs to be discussed on this topic. But if you find any other point to be added then let me know via your comments. I hope you enjoyed reading article and got the perfect solution.