Best Antivirus for Android [Top 5]

Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for AndroidAntivirus Apps protects your Android Devices from Malware or Virus Attacks, So today i am gonna write on Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android. The threats, viruses, trojans, malware, whatever you call it, have been one of the major problems for users of Android and currently continues to worsen. 
A company called F-Secure said that this problem had advanced more than 2000% (something serious).

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To solve this problem, google implemented new application security filters. It said the Android system to 0.1% with the option of “Origins Unknown” for users could not install applications outside the market. With the arrival of Jelly Bean, also implemented a security measure called ASLR and DEP .

Yet this was not enough and there are still thousands of system vulnerabilities. Now let’s discuss about 5 Best Antivirus for Android (Free)

Best Antivirus for Android [Top 5]

1. avast! Free Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for Android-avast! Free Mobile Security

Following the ranking of AV-TEST, Avast Free Mobile Security stands First among the Best Antivirus for Android, but not to catch vulnerabilities for its anti-theft system.

Its main Features are, analysis of threatened privacy manager, filter SMS and calls, an integrated firewall (for root users) Countless functions (even I knew).

It also provides protection for your personal data, analysis of suspicious URLs, data flows in and out, etc..

This wonderful antivirus has an option called Anti-Theft, that gives you remote access to your phone via SMS or WEB and so you manage and locate your phone anytime. Detector also has SIM card is changed, when you remove and add another asks for a code and the phone is unusable.

Download | avast! Free

2. Dr.Web Antivirus

Best Antivirus for Android-Dr.Web Antivirus

Dr.Web Anti Virus is software that as confirmed by its developers and One of the Best Free Antivirus for Android, consumes no battery and does not affect the performance.

This software uses an algorithm called Origins Tracing ™ for Android which is a database in which all applications are known, and that reduces the use of malware applications.

Among the wonderful features include virus protection in real time thanks to SpIDer Guard that scans all files that are in the terminal’s memory. Also on-demand scans and quarantined files.

It also has a very curious, that if you use your device as a USB (pendrive) protects you from Autorun Malware and exploit called CpllnK which are a great threat to Windows.

Download | Dr.Web

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3. AVG Mobile Antivirus

Best Antivirus for Android-AVG Mobile Antivirus

AV-TEST has not had the best position in the ranking of Best Antivirus for Android, but AVG Antivirus has been the most downloaded on Google Play, with over 50 million downloads.

This application is actually a security suite like Avast that provides a wide range of features starting from the detection of malware to detect the device.

Its antivirus offers protection against viruses and malware in real time, as well as features of application analysis, classification tasks and application blocking.

As for its anti theft, AVG allows you to turn the phone’s GPS remotely and detect the location in Google Maps, you can lock it remotely, either by sending an SMS or well locating from the WEB.

Also allows you to configure AVG antivirus notifications when the battery is below the established and move applications or games between SD card and internal memory.

Download | Avg Antivirus

4. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for Android-Kaspersky Mobile Security

The Android version of Kaspersky Mobile Security is a great way to protect your device from viruses, malware and theft and it stand Fourth among Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android.

This application offers like Avast and AVG a range of tools that allow you to manage your device remotely. This way you can lock your phone, delete the data it stores or find and detect your location.

The virus detection system is called discovery in the cloud, today known as cloud computing that sends you an alert against malicious applications before they can cause damage to your phone.

Kaspersky also has a locking feature that allows you to filter unwanted SMS and calls, and allows you to hide the contacts you want to keep private information or control other people can see on your phone.

Download | Kaspersky


Best Antivirus for Android-IKARUS
IKARUS is a simple anti virus and is known mostly for its threat detection capabilities. This allows you to detect and remove viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious software. The analysis can be performed in real time or manually, in which case you can configure it to search through applications installed either in internal memory or SD card.

Download | IKARUS

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This has been our selection of Free Best Antivirus for Android (By Rankings of AV-Test). Do you think anything is missing in these rankings? Leave your opinions in the comments. Share this information with your Friends 🙂

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp : I’m sure most of those who use WhatsApp would like to use Whasapp without your Contacts knowing that your are connected. Now, everyone who have a Smartphone will be using Whatsapp for Sure, for those who do not have a Smartphone and want to use Whatsapp on Computer, this article might be of help for them.

How to Use Whatsapp on PC (WIndows or Mac OS X)

I have already posted a Article on How to Appear Offline on Whatsapp. Today, I am gonna tell you How to Hide Last Seen Timestamp on Whatsapp for which you are here for 😀

Many times you might have wanted to know a Trick to Hide or Disable Last Seen Time on Whasatpp. So, here are two tricks for you to freeze The Last Seen time on Whatsapp.

How to Hide Last Seen Time on Whatsapp

How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp

1. By Changing the Settings

This is available only on iPhone and is a very useful feature which is lacking in the Android Version. May be they try to fix it in the future Updates. To Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp in an iPhone

Go to> Settings> Advanced> Turn Off “Last Seen Timestamp”

It takes 24 Hrs to take this effect and then no one can Trace your Last Seen Time and also it takes 24 Hrs if you want to toggle Back. The Limitation of this method is “Online” Status appears as usual if you are Online.

2. Disconnecting Data Connection

This is the Second method i am gonna explain on How to Hide Last Seen Status on Whatsapp. It requires toggling between your Data Connection. So, Let me explain

If you Open Whatsapp when Online, that time is saved and is available on your Profile. So what you gonna do is

  • Disable your Internet Connection
  • Open Whatsapp, read or write messages
  • Exit from Whatsapp and make sure it is not running in the Background
  • Toggle back your Internet Connection

And that’t it, you made it. Now your Last Time is not gonna Updated. I feel this is a Lenghty Process but if you have any other methods to Hide Last Seen Time on Whatsapp, Pls do let us Know 🙂

Thank you.. Keep Sharing!

How to Tune Up Your Smartphone – Best Latest Tips

Smartphones are becoming part of our life and finally they have moved down the feature mobile phone users. Are you a smartphone user? Then how you tune up your smartphone?

This question looks very easy but few little things can affect your smartphone uses in positive ways. If you keep tune up your smartphone properly then it will be always up for use.

Tips to Tune Up Your Smartphone

Tune Up Your Smartphone

Here I’m including all important tips which you require to follow in order to tune up your smartphone. I hope you follow each of them in order to get maximum results.

Install Antivirus App

I already posted a list of recommended and best android antivirus 2013 and you can install any one of those antivirus on your smartphone. If using other than android smartphone then you can also check those antivirus apps for your smartphone as well.

Having antivirus app installed will always keep your smartphone secured from every kind of infections and virus attacks.

Also scan your smartphone at least once in a week so that no infection can found its life on your device. Each time you add any file of folder to your smartphone then scan it first for infections on your PC or laptop and then again recheck it with antivirus app.

Effective Use of Task Manager

Every android or other smartphone comes with a task manager. Smartphone has got one more killer feature i.e. multi tasking but most of the times it decreases the performance.

Now once you’ve end up using an application on your smartphone then stop running of that application via task manager. Otherwise that app will be using some part of CPU that means consuming battery life.

So, always use task manager to kill earlier used apps and it will help in tune up your smartphone. If your smartphone doesn’t have task manager then look for this app in the official app store.

Smartphone Battery LifeBattery Life

Always keep the brightness of your smartphone to as less as possible. If you keep the brightness to maximum then it will consume the battery life and your smartphone will not be alive for longer.

Also keep the games applications closed when you’re not playing them. Because game apps run on background and they consume battery life. So stop them using task manager while not using them.

Over to You

These three tips are the best tips to tune up your smartphone. One additional tip I want to share with you is that always keep screen protector on your smartphone and keep it in cover as much as possible.

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Hope you got solution to your question on how to tune up your smartphone now, is it?

How to Update Android Phone OS (Part 2)

Update your Android Phone
Continuing the theme of the Update for Android Phones, as I mentioned in the previous articles, you can install an Update your Android Phone Officially or Unofficially. To learn How to Update your Android device with an official Update, Click Here . Instead if you prefer to know How to Update with “Non Traditional” Methods, then i present you the following ways.

To install an Update, also called ROM, Unofficial on our device, it is necessary first to have root access to the device, that is, permission to modify system files as we would call it in Windows. The way to get root access varies from one phone model to another, so it is necessary to find some that is appropriate to our specific phone model. Rooting your phone may include some risk so it is necessary to follow the instructions exactly while doing it.

How to Update Android Phone OS (Part 2)

How to Update your Android Phone

If you do not want to wait for the official update for your device, after rooting your respective device, you can install an unofficial ROM using recovery or, if you own a Samsung device, use ODIN to install the ROM.

How to Install Unofficial ROM using Recovery Mode

Before this installation, we recommend changing the recovery (ROM Manager is a good application to do so) and make a backup of the system and files. The following is required to download the ROM and there for everyone, depending on how you look better, look, flow, functionality, etc.. A common example of unofficial ROMs (also called cooked) CyanogenMod, being available on multiple devices and MIUI or KANG.


How “easy” to do this work is to access the recovery mode (you might check the combination of keys for entering this mode on your device). You must have downloaded the ROM on the SD card and your ZIP mode mobile. In recovery mode, select the option “Install zip from sdcard” and when they finish the updates installed, choose the option to “Reboot System Now”. The device can take up to 15 minutes on again, so patience is necessary.

Install ROM using ODIN Unofficial (Samsung only)

To install via ODIN, you need to have updated Phone Drivers. Once done, we can proceed to download and install ODIN and download the corresponding ROM, making sure that this model is consistent with our device, since ODIN, unlike KIES will not be satisfied if adequate and could harm your Mobile.


The next thing is to start the phone in download mode, so you need to check the key combination that allow access to this mode in your device. Once done, connect your device to the PC, where it is already started and this will be recognized by ODIN, allowing us to install the ROM that you downloaded. By clicking on the button pda  in ODIN main screen and select the tar file containing the ROM you want to download. Make sure that the options repartition, delete partition efs  and update partition  boot  are unchecked before clicking Start.

Once the process starts you can not stop, as the device may become unusable. ODIN screen will show the progress bar of the installation until the device is finally ready for use.

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However, as the procedure for each phone ROMs can have differences, we suggest searching the web, specifically how to do it with your phone to avoid making mistakes as a general process that explained above. Good Luck! 🙂

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How to Appear Offline/Hide on WhatsApp

If you are from the users who still maintain their Active whatsapp, but are your contacts annoying you constantly and sending messages, Want to Know How to Appear Offline or Hide on WhatsApp ? I have a solution for this problem and it is WhatsApp Shadow.

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How to Appear Offline/Hide on WhatsApp

How to Appear Offline on WhatsApp

The application is still in beta, but despite that, it has very good rating. How does it work? Very simple. When you enter WhatsApp, What it does is disconnect every friend or contact that you want and disables the wireless and  mobile data.

This allows you to read messages sent to you  and you will appear with the message “Last Seen …” instead of the typical status message that reads “Online”.

Once you exit the application, the Whatsapp is updated and sent messages that have been suspended due to lack of connection and get those sent to you.

But the operation is a bit cumbersome, since from the official area in Google Play app makes it clear that disables the WiFi and 3G while you’re in WhatsApp. Thus while in WhatsApp nobody sees you.Its operation is simple.

Guidelines to Hide on WhatsApp

The app lets you navigate to “stealth mode” and become visible again whenever you want to enable or disable single integrated icon.When you exit the program and keep using your phone, it seems to update your sent and received messages.

Yes, it is good that there is a button on the same program with which you send and receive the messages you have, this is a timely connection to the system as primitive mail systems in which was not permanently attached but we used the icon to send and receive mail to update.

The first impression we get is that the idea is good but the battery may suffer a lot, something that WhatsApp has greatly improved with the latest updates.

Well as mentioned, the application will change the history but more than one is sure to come in handy to hide from heavy or if you are in any embarrassing situation.

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Link : WhatsShadow

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