4 Best Alternatives To YouTube and Why You Should Use Them

Though the rest of the world may be spending countless hours in the jungle gyms disguised as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, there a plethora of exciting social media alternatives that can also stimulate your brain.

How to Download Youtube Videos Online for Free

As a result of social media giants like the aforementioned Big Three, a number of” little brothers” and “sisters” of the Internet media world are kicking around the web, albeit heavily overshadowed by their massively successful counterparts.  And much like any younger sibling, the range of attention these kids receives pales in comparison (Think Jan Brady next to big sis Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!)With that in mind we’re going to pay homage to the overlooked and overshadowed with four of the best alternatives to YouTube and why you should use them.


Created in 2004 as a video sharing website, Vimeotargets adifferent type of social media network.  Opposed to YouTube’s library of sporadically uploaded videos, Vimeo has created a platform that focuses around sharing high quality content for others to like, comment and promote.  Sometimes viewed as YouTube’s sophisticated cousin, this exciting video sharing website allows the users capacity to create groups and channels to easily advertise and share their newest projects.  If you want to get a serious about creating video content, Vimeo is the perfect alternative for taking your creative eye to the next level.


Acquired by Yahoo In 2005, Flickr was originally just an image hosting website, and a popular place for users to share and embed photographs and albums in a convenient and centralized location. As the platform has progressed, Flickr has integrated video sharing options into their user packages, allowing basic users to upload two 90-second videos a month and giving pro user’s unlimited access. Still remaining heavily popular and dedicated to image hosting, Flickr’s video space is certainly on the rise.


One of the newer and fairly unheard of kids on the block, blip.tv has high hopes of becoming a leader in video sharing and viewing by going in a unique direction. Blip.tv has its eyes on promoting web series, webisodes, mini-programs and other serialized video content. Rather than watching dozens of one-off videos, blip.tv allows you to create a timeline of content, catering to viewers to make videos more enjoyable, as well as offer aspiring creative forces a platform to grow their fanbase.


Another fairly undiscovered website is Veoh. This video platform specializes in longer length film and productions, allowing users to watch major studio content, user- generated materials and independent productions. If prefer longer videos to short, sporadic clips then Veoh is the website for you.  Though it does differ from other video sharing websites, the lack of restrictions has allowed users to watch full-length films and shows without worrying about download time and a variety of clips.

As the world of social media continues to grow, don’t hesitate to try something new when it comes to video sharing platforms. The aforementioned alternatives will allow you to discover a new and exciting niche within the video platform world.

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How to Download Torrents with IDM

Download Torrents with IDMWant to Download Torrents directly without a Torrent Client? Here i am gonna explain a method to Download Torrents with IDM or directly. Many Times, i experienced Slow download speeds with uTorrent because of less number of Seeds and Peers, I always wanted to Download Torrents Directly or through IDM. So now i am gonna Explain the Method i used to Download Torrents with IDM using a intermediate Sites which Downloads the torrents on to their Servers and gives a http Link for us to Download Directly.

So, lets discuss why you wanna Download Torrents Directly? You might be knowing the Answers, Some of the reasons are:

  • Slow Download Speed
  • Blocking of Torrent Ports at School or College
  • Don’t want to use Torrent Client 😛
  • or a Fan of IDM 😀

So, to Download Torrents through IDM, what you require ?

Requirements to Download Torrents with IDM

  • A Torrent File or Direct Link of it
  • An Intermediate Server which caches the files for you and Offers you the download Link
  • A PC with IDM installed
  • and Internet Connection Ofcourse 😛

So, after Torrific has been shut down (which was the famous site for caching torrent files), many other sites have come into Picture. To know more about those sites, I suggest you to read Best Torrific Alternatives 2013

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Download Torrents with IDM-ZBigzSo you might go through the Post and Select one of the Sites according to the Features. For the Tutorial Purpose, i am using ZBigz (My Preference) to Download Torrents with IDM.

How to Download Torrents with IDM using ZBigz

Step 1: Go to your Favourite Torrent Site and Download the Desired Torrent (.torrent file)

Step 2: Go to www.ZBigz.com and Register a Account (Free will work)

Step 3: Login to your Account and  Upload Torrent File and Click on Go

Download Torrents with IDM-Go Button

Step 4: A Popup will appear and Select Free or Premium if you have Purchased it

Download Torrents with IDM-ZBigz Free Premium

Step 5: Now thier Torrent Server will start Caching the files, you can do your work and get back later

Step 6: After the Caching Process, you will have to click on .zip Button to start Downloading Torrents with IDM

Download Torrents with IDM-.zip

Follow the above steps carefully to Download Torrents with IDM or directly easily. You also have the option to pause using IDM because the Download with ZBigz is Resumable 🙂

Download Torrents with IDM-Pause Resume

If you have any doubts or opinions on this topic, pls do let us know in Comments. Also, Don’t forget to share this post as it might be helpful for your friends 😉

Why You Just Don’t Need CD’s Anymore

Dont need CDsThere’s no doubt about it, CDs are becoming a thing of the past. Up until relatively recently there was still a lot to be said for the good old fashioned CD. The quality used to be far higher than that of a digital download or streaming site. And of course there were all the extras such as the album artwork and lyrics, not to mention the sheer pleasure of owning a physical copy of a work of art.

Nowadays, however, a lot of these reasons have become as obsolete as the CDs themselves. Sites such as Spotify stream music at the same quality as the CDs themselves. If you buy digital downloads you can just choose the 2 or 3 tracks off the album that you actually love and of course the media you use to play them on has increased storage and capabilities. It used to be the case that you’d need a physical copy of the album if you wanted to play it in the car, for example, or on different CD players around the house. These days you can just plug your phone straight into your stereo and have your favourite selection of tunes wherever you happen to be.

Physical copies are becoming obsolete

The CD is certainly becoming obsolete. Sure there are a few hardcore fans still out there that absolutely have to have a physical copy of the music that their favourite band creates, but on the whole the CD is dying a death and one has to ask how long it will before they are phased out altogether. While at the moment digital copies only count for about 30% of overall music sales, the fast changes in technology mean that this situation is likely to change in the not too distant future. The only exception is likely to be limited special editions, but on the whole, digital music formats will be the way to go.

With CDs on the way out, now is the time for you to sell music you don’t listen to. It’s pretty easy to do too, there are all sorts of ways you can get rid of your old CDs and enjoy a clean and clutter free home without compromising on your selection of tunes. As long as you have ripped your old CDs on to a digital format then it makes sense to have a bit of a clear out. If nothing else, it means there’s less dusting to do around the house!

 CDs to keep

Of course, there are always a few CDs you should keep. Perhaps a live album version of a concert you went to, or just a special gift from someone you love. Physical copies will always have a place in our hearts, but really you should only be hanging on to the ones that are really special. The reality is that CDs are an unnecessary extra in the modern age. As technology advances there will be even more reasons to keep it digital so clear out your old CDs today.

Best Antivirus for Android [Top 5]

Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for AndroidAntivirus Apps protects your Android Devices from Malware or Virus Attacks, So today i am gonna write on Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android. The threats, viruses, trojans, malware, whatever you call it, have been one of the major problems for users of Android and currently continues to worsen. 
A company called F-Secure said that this problem had advanced more than 2000% (something serious).

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To solve this problem, google implemented new application security filters. It said the Android system to 0.1% with the option of “Origins Unknown” for users could not install applications outside the market. With the arrival of Jelly Bean, also implemented a security measure called ASLR and DEP .

Yet this was not enough and there are still thousands of system vulnerabilities. Now let’s discuss about 5 Best Antivirus for Android (Free)

Best Antivirus for Android [Top 5]

1. avast! Free Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for Android-avast! Free Mobile Security

Following the ranking of AV-TEST, Avast Free Mobile Security stands First among the Best Antivirus for Android, but not to catch vulnerabilities for its anti-theft system.

Its main Features are, analysis of threatened privacy manager, filter SMS and calls, an integrated firewall (for root users) Countless functions (even I knew).

It also provides protection for your personal data, analysis of suspicious URLs, data flows in and out, etc..

This wonderful antivirus has an option called Anti-Theft, that gives you remote access to your phone via SMS or WEB and so you manage and locate your phone anytime. Detector also has SIM card is changed, when you remove and add another asks for a code and the phone is unusable.

Download | avast! Free

2. Dr.Web Antivirus

Best Antivirus for Android-Dr.Web Antivirus

Dr.Web Anti Virus is software that as confirmed by its developers and One of the Best Free Antivirus for Android, consumes no battery and does not affect the performance.

This software uses an algorithm called Origins Tracing ™ for Android which is a database in which all applications are known, and that reduces the use of malware applications.

Among the wonderful features include virus protection in real time thanks to SpIDer Guard that scans all files that are in the terminal’s memory. Also on-demand scans and quarantined files.

It also has a very curious, that if you use your device as a USB (pendrive) protects you from Autorun Malware and exploit called CpllnK which are a great threat to Windows.

Download | Dr.Web

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3. AVG Mobile Antivirus

Best Antivirus for Android-AVG Mobile Antivirus

AV-TEST has not had the best position in the ranking of Best Antivirus for Android, but AVG Antivirus has been the most downloaded on Google Play, with over 50 million downloads.

This application is actually a security suite like Avast that provides a wide range of features starting from the detection of malware to detect the device.

Its antivirus offers protection against viruses and malware in real time, as well as features of application analysis, classification tasks and application blocking.

As for its anti theft, AVG allows you to turn the phone’s GPS remotely and detect the location in Google Maps, you can lock it remotely, either by sending an SMS or well locating from the WEB.

Also allows you to configure AVG antivirus notifications when the battery is below the established and move applications or games between SD card and internal memory.

Download | Avg Antivirus

4. Kaspersky Mobile Security

Best Antivirus for Android-Kaspersky Mobile Security

The Android version of Kaspersky Mobile Security is a great way to protect your device from viruses, malware and theft and it stand Fourth among Top 5 Free Best Antivirus for Android.

This application offers like Avast and AVG a range of tools that allow you to manage your device remotely. This way you can lock your phone, delete the data it stores or find and detect your location.

The virus detection system is called discovery in the cloud, today known as cloud computing that sends you an alert against malicious applications before they can cause damage to your phone.

Kaspersky also has a locking feature that allows you to filter unwanted SMS and calls, and allows you to hide the contacts you want to keep private information or control other people can see on your phone.

Download | Kaspersky


Best Antivirus for Android-IKARUS
IKARUS is a simple anti virus and is known mostly for its threat detection capabilities. This allows you to detect and remove viruses, Trojans, spyware, adware and other malicious software. The analysis can be performed in real time or manually, in which case you can configure it to search through applications installed either in internal memory or SD card.

Download | IKARUS

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This has been our selection of Free Best Antivirus for Android (By Rankings of AV-Test). Do you think anything is missing in these rankings? Leave your opinions in the comments. Share this information with your Friends 🙂

Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages

How to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages : A common case in the chat and social networks is pretending not to have read a message or you are not even home at the time. One change that Facebook showed and that few people liked was the option of whether they had read your post, the famous “Message Seen” Feature that is very useful for some, but a disaster for others.

Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

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The trouble with Facebook is you cannot disable that functionality, so like it or not, you have to have it there. Fortunately, there are developers who care about us and have created a plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even Internet Explorer that allows you to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

Avoid Other’s Being Known that you have read their Message

You have several options. The most obvious: do not open the message . It could be the curiosity, here are other options:

  • Use Windows Live Messenger or other chat programs on Facebook. Note that here only chat messages arrive, not regular messages (of people you’ve blocked in chat)
  • Install any Application to Block this Feauture.

How to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages using Chat Undetected

Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

  • Goto this Website and click on Get Chat Undetected Button. It will detect your brower Automatically
  • If you are on Google Chrome, then download the File, Close Chrome and Install the application and you are done.
  • If you are on Mozilla Firefox, A pop up will open, Click on Install Now and Restart Firefox for the effects to take place.

Now that you have Turned off Facebook Seen Feature and now your friends will not be able to tell that you have read their messages.

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Now for Some Reasons, you might have wanted to Uninstall the Chat Undetected Application. To do so,

Go to Google Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Disable/Uninstall

I hope this little article helped you to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in messages. If you have any other methods of doing so or have any doubts, will be happy to receive them in comments 🙂

Download : Chat Undetected