8 Common Errors to Avoid on Your Blog or Website

Creating a website or blog is very easy now, without any knowledge you can have a website. That’s not the problem, the problem is to attract readers and the more difficult thing is to retain them.

There are many things we have to keep in mind to attract and retain visitors. Basics and foremost thing is the content, if the content is poor and not attractive, even though our site has a very good visual design, that will not help attract visitors and make them to visit us again.

On the other hand, even if we have good content, but if there are some things that annoy the design of a site, then also the  visitors will not return.

The KISSmetrics made an infographic with 8 errors made when designing a website, which we should avoid, They are :

  1. Poor Navigation
  2. Too many ads and commercials
  3. Bad content structure
  4. Annoyed use of audio or video
  5. Require subscription or Registration
  6. Boring Design and Content
  7. Poor Legibility
  8. Lack of frequency

iPhone 5 Covers 32,341 Km from Beginning to Build

People from Mobile Madhouse created a very complete  infographic, with all the way you should go to the software and hardware components that make up the new Apple smartphone, the iPhone 5.

From the first step that begins at Apple headquarters in the United States until it ends in the same place from where it started the process, the road is 32,341 kilometers.   Infographics includes partial mileage and armed to the percent of the smartphone by each passing countries.

Here are the graphics,