Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages

How to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages : A common case in the chat and social networks is pretending not to have read a message or you are not even home at the time. One change that Facebook showed and that few people liked was the option of whether they had read your post, the famous “Message Seen” Feature that is very useful for some, but a disaster for others.

Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

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The trouble with Facebook is you cannot disable that functionality, so like it or not, you have to have it there. Fortunately, there are developers who care about us and have created a plugin for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and even Internet Explorer that allows you to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

Avoid Other’s Being Known that you have read their Message

You have several options. The most obvious: do not open the message . It could be the curiosity, here are other options:

  • Use Windows Live Messenger or other chat programs on Facebook. Note that here only chat messages arrive, not regular messages (of people you’ve blocked in chat)
  • Install any Application to Block this Feauture.

How to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in Messages using Chat Undetected

Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature

  • Goto this Website and click on Get Chat Undetected Button. It will detect your brower Automatically
  • If you are on Google Chrome, then download the File, Close Chrome and Install the application and you are done.
  • If you are on Mozilla Firefox, A pop up will open, Click on Install Now and Restart Firefox for the effects to take place.

Now that you have Turned off Facebook Seen Feature and now your friends will not be able to tell that you have read their messages.

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Now for Some Reasons, you might have wanted to Uninstall the Chat Undetected Application. To do so,

Go to Google Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Disable/Uninstall

I hope this little article helped you to Turn Off Facebook Seen Feature in messages. If you have any other methods of doing so or have any doubts, will be happy to receive them in comments 🙂

Download : Chat Undetected

Best Facebook Tricks 2013

Everyone on Facebook wants to impress his/her friends by doing some unique stuff which others may not know. You also want to do that, right?

This is where facebook tricks come into the role as the majority of Facebook users still not known of the best Facebook tricks 2013.

Best Facebook Tricks 2013

Best Facebook Tricks and Tips 2013

Just to help you, I’m including here the best must know Facebook Tricks and Tips 2013 that you must try out and impress others by trying different things there on Facebook.

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See Private Pictures on Facebook

We are not allowed to see photos that have been made private. This thing happens with most of us many times.

When we move to someone’s profile and look to click at profile picture then Facebook doesn’t allow us to do that. But here I’m with a simple trick that will allow you to view private picture easily.

  1. Go to timeline of the person you want to see picture.
  2. Right click on profile picture and click on “Open image in new tab”.

That’s it! The picture will open in a new tab where you can zoom in or zoom out to have the perfect look at that picture.

Update Black Status – Best Facebook Tricks 

You must have seen lots of people or pages update their status as blank.

Update Blank Status Facebook

To try updating your status as blank you need to put “@[3:3: ]” in the status area and post it.

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Hide/Remove Posts from a Person on Facebook

We all have lots of friends who always put stupid things via their profile and every time we see those things we say, WTF!

If you don’t want to delete that friend and still don’t want to see his/her stuff then try this trick.

  1. Go to the stuff posted by the person whom you don’t want to see stuff anymore.
  2. Move your mouse (don’t click) to the profile name and let the Timeline preview appear.
  3. Now move your Mouse to Friends option over there but don’t click.
  4. Now uncheck the option “Show in News Feed”.

HideRemove Posts from a Person on Facebook

That’s it! Now you’ll never see stuff from that friend in News Feed.

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Download Facebook Photos in Zip

I thought of downloading all my Facebook photos by a single click and all the photos can be downloaded in zip format.

Or in your case, you must have thought to download all your crush’s photos in a single click, right or wrong?

In any case, you can download all photos of anyone in zip file by following method.

  1. Go to Facebook2zip online application and login with your Facebook account there.
  2. Now either choose your profile or type in your friend’s name to select his/her profile and click on Next button.
  3. Click on “Select all the albums” option at the bottom and click on Download button.

Download Facebook Photos in Zip

That’s it! Process will start that will take time depending on the number of pictures and albums. Once process is completed, all the photos will be downloaded in the zip format.

How to Remove Facebook Ads

To disable most of the annoying Facebook ads, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Account Settings.
  2. Now click on Ads from the left hand side bookmark menu.
  3. Click on “Edit” button at top right corner for “Third Party Sites” heading and then choose “No One” from the little menu. Do this with “Ads & Friends” also.
  4. Click Save Changes to change the settings for Facebook ads.

How to Remove Facebook Ads

That’s it! Now you’ve removed or disabled the Facebook ads on your profile.

Send Files from Facebook Messages

It is possible to send files directly from your Facebook messages as an attachment. Read below steps to know how,

  1. Click on Messages from the left hand side bookmarks.
  2. Select previous message or create New Message.
  3. With the box where you can enter text to send, there is one more option labeled as “Add Files”, click that.
  4. Now select the file you want to send and hit Enter button to send the file once it is uploaded.

Send Files from Facebook Messages

You can also send files or photos directly from the Chat box. To do so go through following steps,

  1. Open the Chat box for any friend.
  2. Click on Gear icon there and click on “Add Files” option.
  3. Now choose the file you want to send and hit enter once it is uploaded.

Send Files from Facebook Chat

That’s it! This is how you can send files directly from the Facebook chat box.

Stop Receiving Notification from Any Post

It happens many times with all of us that we first comment on any status but later we aren’t interested to get notifications from that post.

Stop Receiving Notification from Post

To stop receiving notifications from post you commented on, move to that post and click on “unfollow post” option right there at bottom of the status.

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This is how you can stop receiving notifications from any kind of post your profile is linked with.

Warning about Facebook Tricks and Tips

There are lots of pranks and tricks going on at Facebook but don’t follow any of them directly. Lots of people get their account hacked by using such applications or following tricks.

The tricks I mentioned above are all working well and none of them are harmful. So you can try these best Facebook tricks and tips 2013 without doubting.

There are apps which allow watching live videos, downloading videos, send free SMS from Facebook, etc. Don’t use any of them because I got notification from Facebook officials that these apps doesn’t use secure browsing parameters.

How to Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

There is lots of messenger app available now for android smartphones or tablets but still Facebook Messenger is among the top because most of the mobile phone users are using Facebook on their mobile phone.

There is no option to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app.

Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

No doubt, Facebook Messenger app is very impressive, fast and looks simple but still lacks one very important feature which people are looking around.

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I’m not kidding, Facebook hasn’t provided any option to manage online/offline in Facebook messenger android app but still you can try out the two ways mentioned below.

Appear Offline in Facebook Messenger Android App

These two methods are not very impressive but still you don’t have any other choice then by using them.

Method #1 to Appear Offline Facebook Messenger Android App

So here is the first method, follow below mentioned steps.

  1. Login to your Facebook account via either browser app on your android app or browser in your PC or laptop.
  2. Now change the chat settings and switch from online to offline.
  3. You can use the “Advanced” settings in order to appear online for selected friends.

Advanced Chat Settings on Facebook

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Method #2

Second method is just a part of first one. In order to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app you need to first Turn Off chat by logging in with Facebook app or by using it via any browser.

Now whenever you login using Facebook messenger android app then you’ll be offline to everyone but still you can send messages to any of your friend.

There are options in the official Facebook android app to change settings of Chat. You need to check the right bottom corner for that.

I know I didn’t have any professional answer here for this problem but still these are the only way out that will work for everyone. Hope you got the way out to the problem of how to appear offline in Facebook messenger android app.

Facebook Home UI

Don’t forget to update to latest version of Facebook Messenger android app in order to use latest features and faster messaging to all your Facebook friends.

Don’t forget to share this tutorial on Google+ to all your friends. Use the button below to +1 this tutorial and share on Google+.

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If you use a high end android smartphone then you can download the free Facebook Home UI app to use the latest UI developed by Facebook.

How to Stop Spam on Facebook

None of us like spam over the internet, right? But still we face them in our daily internet usage. These days most of our time is spent on Facebook and spammers are taking advantage of it by creating lots of spam on Facebook.

Now the main question comes in our mind is that how to stop spam on Facebook? As Facebook has got lots of our personal information so it needs to be protected by spam.

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How to Stop Spam on Facebook

I tried lots of best possible ways of preventing my Facebook from spam and including all of them here in this tutorial on how to stop spam on Facebook so that you guys can also keep your Facebook profile secured.

Facebook Apps Spam

Apps are there on Facebook as well but majority of them are not worth and they annoy Facebook users.

In starting days of using Facebook, I tried out lots of Facebook apps and very soon my profile was loaded with spam by those apps.

Facebook Apps Spam

That time I didn’t knew about negative aspects of using these apps but very soon I came to know when one of my friend’s profile was hacked.

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When we use any app on Facebook then it asks permissions from us. Majority of us don’t even read those permissions and grant access to that app. This is where we lose control.

Now that app can use our Facebook profile and post stuff on our behalf. Most of the apps were found posting spams.

Now in order to keep your profile safe, don’t use apps on Facebook. There is no such important need of using them. But still if you want to use any app then remove that app from your profile after trying that.

How to Remove Used Apps from Facebook

  1. Login to your Facebook profile and at the bottom you’ll find bookmark to App center, click that.
  2. Click on “Your Apps” option at the bottom in left hand side option menu.
  3. Click on Remove option on any particular app which you wish to remove.

Remove Used Apps from Facebook

Recommendation – don’t use any new app just to test that if you really want to keep your Facebook profile secured and spam free. Always use reputed apps only, you can check for the reputation by reading reviews and ratings in the App Center.

Top Facebook Apps which were found spamming were Change Your Facebook Color, Who Saw Your Profile, etc. You can check the list of apps that were found spamming that was post on Digital Trends.

Tag Moderation

Lots of pages were found doing spamming on Facebook by posting images and then tagging other people in order to increase the reach of those pictures.

If you don’t want to allow such pages to tag you in any picture then follow these steps,

  1. Go to Privacy Settings.
  2. Choose “Timeline and Tagging” option from left hand side menu.
  3. Now go through the settings available there and change them accordingly.

Make sure you stop allowing other people to tag you to photos so that you’re free of spamming activities.

Spammy Links

It happens many times that we find links in comments on many pages. Those links are related to some spams most of the time.

So never click on any link you found in comments anywhere (at least on pages).

Such comments will look very attractive and will ask you to click link. Once you click then that spam will be activated.

Other Recommendations

  1. Stop Spam on FacebookNever share your password to anyone (even to your friends).
  2. Always keep password combination with some numbers, alphabets and special characters i.e. strong combination.
  3. Activate mobile phone notification so that every time you or someone else login into your account, you get notification on your mobile phone.
  4. Don’t login with your Facebook profile on websites not looking genuine and professional.

You can check other tips and tricks published under Facebook category on Techlato to stay updated with all latest stuff going on for Facebook.

If you really like the tips here then do share it with your friends so that they can also stop spam on Facebook and are safe from all kind of Facebook spam.

Facebook Groups Settings Best Tricks and Tips

You must know about Facebook Groups or created a new group on Facebook that’s why you were searching for Facebook groups settings tricks and tips.

Let me have the opportunity to introduce all best tips and tricks which you must know. If you’ve still not created a group then I’ll tell you first how to create Facebook group and then move on to Group settings tricks and tips.

Create Facebook Group

  • Login into your Facebook profile and click on “More” option from the left hand side bookmarks.
  • You’ll have the list of all the groups that you’ve joined. Now click on Create Group button at the top.

Facebook Groups Settings

  • Now enter the details related to Group. You can directly add Members (only your friends) directly from here.
  • Check the Privacy Settings as well. If you keep it Open then anyone can see what all going in the group. If Closed then only members can see and if Secret then it goes to the toughest level of Privacy.
  • Click on Create Button to start the Group.
  • If you want to add an image then select from the short popup menu. You can skip this step to get the default icon.

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This is how you can create group on Facebook and now I’ll tell you all the required tips and tricks one by one.


To start or stop notification of whatever going inside the group you can change the setting with one simple click.

  • Just move into the group.


  • There you will find Notifications options at the top menu bar in the right hand corner. Click that and choose an appropriate option.

That’s it! This is how you can control the notifications of group not only yours but of any group.

Facebook Groups – Complete Settings

Now to alter complete settings you need to follow these steps,

Click on Gear button which is there next to the Notifications option in the group and choose “Edit Group Settings” option from the short menu.

Complete Settings

I’ll discuss each setting one by one now.

Group Name – You can change the name of the group and also the icon that you linked with the group from these options.

Privacy – I already discussed about this setting when I told you how to create Facebook Group. So look for the details in above sub heading.

Membership Approval – If you choose first option then any member of the group whether he/she is admin or not, can approve any new member’s request to join the group. But if you choose second option then only admin will be allowed to approve the join request on any new member.

Group Address – You can add custom name which will be there in the URL of the group. You can use this option to change the group URL but nothing will happen if you don’t use it. In short, it depends on you whether you want to have a custom URL or not.

Description – You can add description of the group which users can read before joining the group. This description will tell them what this group is all about.

Posting Permissions – This is one of the very important settings of the group. If you choose the first option then any member can post anything they want in the group but if you choose the second then only the admins of the groups will be allowed to post in the group.

It depends on you whether you want to allow members to post in the group or not. So use this setting according to this requirement.

Post Approval – If you check this option then all the posts needs to be approved always by the admins and if uncheck then members can post anything anytime they want to.

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Important :- Don’t forget to click on Save button at the bottom so that the changes you made in the settings can be saved.

How to Make Any Member Admin of Group?

Next important thing you need to learn is how to make any member admin of the group. If you make any other member as admin then he/she will get all the system privileges that you have. It will help you as there will be two or more persons to control the group.

  • Click on “About” tab/option from the top menu bar in the group.
  • Now you’ll find all the members that are members of your group. Click on Gear button which is there just below the profile of every member.

Make Any Member Admin of Group

  • Now Click on Make Admin option and again click on Make Admin button from the popup menu.

That’s it!

How to Delete Facebook Group Permanently?

Last tip I’ll include is how to completely delete a Facebook group. In order to delete a group you must be the admin of that group.

  • Go to the About tab where you’ll see the list of members who joined your group.
  • Remove each and every person from the group.
  • When you’re the only one left in the group then click on the Gear option and remove yourself too.

Delete Facebook Group Permanently

  • Facebook will ask you whether you want to delete group or not, then choose “Delete Group” option.

That’s it!

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If you want to learn any new tips or tricks about Facebook Group or any other related thing then commend down your problem and we’ll provide you with the best possible solution.

Don’t forget to share these tips and tricks to all your friends!