Flying Bicycle-The Dream has come True

A group of Czech companies have decided to unite to create a flying bicycle prototype controlled by a remote whose first flight was a duration of 5 minutes and has successfully completed a show in the city of Prague, located in the center of Europe.

Flying Bicycle

Flying Bicycle-The Dream has come True

Milan Ducket, Duratec Technical Director, one of the companies involved in this project flying bicycle, said:

This is just a prototype, we will need more powerful batteries to blow up people in this new convertible conveyance potential mixing wheel with propellers.

The flying bicycle weighs almost 100 pounds and includes two propellers located on the front and rear that are powered by 6 electric batteries spread across its surface.

The creators of this project found his main inspiration in books of adventure or science fiction written by authors of their own country. Of course, this prototype enables us to get a small idea or dream to a means of transport to be able to take off suddenly to fly over obstacles or impress strangers.

Kobylik Ales, Project Engineer, said at its official launch:

Our main motivation to work on this project from the very beginning was not to make a profit or feel a commercial interest, but the fulfillment of our childhood dreams.

Flying Bicyle-Remote

For now, the flying bicycle has to be controlled remotely but the intention is to get people to be able to control sitting on it. This group of companies hopes to have the project completed by the end of this year from there, look to the future from the point of view.

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Hopefully the designers again hit a good look at the sketches of the flying bicycle to its final stage when they are ready to come to market as similar as possible to the pod races of Star Wars.

The new Project from the Developers of Google Wave

A mid-2009 the world had Google Wave , ensuring that would be the way in which all web junkies we communicate since then and in the future, as their creators and equipment development of this application felt that they had reinvented the email, which was not the case .

In 2010, Google announced the death of Google Wave, and many of the developers left the company to pursue other projects. One of these is Soundbyte, a personal project of Alex North and Daniel Danilatos which revolutionize the world of P2P between mobile devices.

Developers of Google Wave

Soundbyte is a system that raises the possibility of sharing content and code through sound , using sound waves as a means of transporting data to pass information from one device to another.

Although the project is still under development, we are facing an interesting idea that could stand up to even the Bluetooth NFC (technology companies want to see take off more than anything). Its base responsible explain its operation in a very simple:

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The sound has always been used as a means of communication, starting because it is the way in which we communicate by talking. In the world of technology, it is not something that has not been used in the past, but our idea is to easy way to share content from one phone to another or other device such as a tablet or computer by using sound waves that carry information.

Soundbyte is still under development, but if you want to offer something really that would emphasize faster than Bluetooth (requiring a key recognition) and safer, economical and easier to implement than the NFC, to attract manufacturers.

The former developers for Google’s headquarters just won the Prix OZAPP , recognition given its native country, Australia, innovation by entrepreneurs and academics, in addition to the honors includes a cash prize with which the developers plan to grow their project, and perhaps become one of the most important alternatives for communication between devices in the near future.

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Lunar bases could now be built with 3D printers

Building a base of operations for humans on the moon is not a simple task, since it would involve several months of work, working in unfavorable conditions and in the absence of gravity, astronauts should stay on the moon for as long that the work lasted. However, the new 3D Printing Technologies Offer an Alternative  that makes the idea of a lunar bases no longer seem so difficult to achieve.

 Lunar Bases with 3D Printers

Lunar Bases can now be built with 3D Printers

3D printing is already used on Earth, and has various applications: manufacture of prostheses, creating sculptures, obtaining replicas of archaeological, artistic montages or architectural design visualization. 3D printers allow to build three dimensional structures, and for filling it with various materials are successive layers of the object.

Now, the European Space Agency (ESA) plans to carry out an ambitious project that allows you to “print” a base of operations on the lunar surface: it would be a sort of dome walls designed to protect astronauts from radiation and micrometeorite impacts.

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Following the philosophy of  sustainable construction , most of the materials used come from the same surface of the moon, thus minimizing the transport of raw materials from our planet. “The 3D printing technology has helped us to produce entire structures here on Earth”, said by Pambaguian Laurent, director of the project.

“Now let’s see if we can use them to build a lunar habitat. This technique provides a possible means to facilitate lunar settlement with logistics from Earth very small “. The ESA, which has been associated with the architectural firm of Norman Foster to carry out this project, presented as a demonstration with block weighing 1.5 tons  which is manufactured using this technology. “First, it is necessary to mix the assumption of lunar material with magnesium oxide. This makes for a kind of `paper’ with which you can print,” said Enrico Dini, Monolite UK company, which has designed the printer used. ”

After applying a salt that converts the bonding material to a stone-like solid. Our current print has a construction rate of around two meters per hour, while the next generation of printers can reach 3.5 meters per hour. That  would complete the construction of an entire building in a week “. The future is here. If finally the ESA conducts its project, soon we will see as a kind of robot quickly builds a shelter for astronauts who are part of the next manned mission to the moon.

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The Avengers: The Movie With More Errors Of 2012 (So Far)

Perhaps to the surprise of many with a count of 15, The Avengers (The Avengers), the film produced by Marvel Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Pictures based on the superhero team of Marvel Comics and premiered in the U.S. on May 4, 2012 2D and 3D, the film is more of mistakes of 2012 so far, followed by The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games), with 13. Here are some of the errors identified:

The Avengers

The Avengers: Movie With More Errors Of 2012

1) Error of fact: Namco Bandai is misspelled twice “NAMECO Bandai” in the end credits.

2) Audio problem: When one of the computer operators start playing Galaga, the sound effect you hear is that of an enemy ship trying to capture the player’s ship, but what is shown on the screen is the normal game.

3) Continuity: In several shots where Iron Man is flying around the city, has cuts on his forehead. However, when he is lying on the ground and Thor rips his suit off, cuts on his forehead disappeared.

4) Continuity: Near the end of the scene of the great battle, Captain America is struck by lightning blaster.When Thor helps him stand, there is visible damage to his uniform. In subsequent shots, all traces of damage have disappeared.

5) Continuity: Right after Dr. Banner asks how many spectrometers Nick Fury accesses the Helicarrier,he takes off his jacket and puts it under his arm. In the next shot, his jacket suddenly appears on his arm.

6) Continuity: When the vehicle carrying Captain America & the Agent Coulson the Helicarrier lands in general plane, the wing tips are bent downwards and inwards as if preparing for on-board storage, but in the following Captain America shots where the vehicle is lowered, the tips of the wings are extended in flight position.

7) Continuity: Throughout the film, the ring Tony Stark’s chest can be seen shining through his shirt except for two occasions: after escaping from the Helicarrier and Tony Stark is speaking to Loki on Stark tower.

8) Continuity: When Captain America is hitting the sandbags and Fury first enter, the sac that Captain America is using (not already broke) happens not to have tape around the middle, to have it, and then back.

9) Audio problem: When Bruce Banner meets Natasha Romanoff in Calcutta for the first time, there is a shot from behind where Natasha heard her speak, but his reflection in the small mirror behind Bruce does not.