How to Sync Outlook with Android

Sync Outlook with AndroidWant to know How to Sync Outlook with Android ? You are at the right place, I am gonna explain How to Sync Microsoft Outlook with Android in the best way possible. One of the main problems most Android users request is that it can synchronize with OutlookWhy the little green android is so reluctant to synchronize with Outlook? Since then, we will not find out today, but what we will do is offer solutions. 

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How to Sync Outlook with Android

How to Sync Outlook with Android

Microsoft Outlook is the most widely used task manager in companies, Andoid is the most used operating system in smartphonesYou would think that there is an easy way to sync Outlook tasks with a task manager on Android, but in reality it is not so easy.

Do you use Microsoft Exchange?

Before talking about the timing, you have to know where your Outlook tasks. There are organizations that work with Microsoft Exchange ServerThis server is a solution to centralize data such as email, calendars, contacts, tasks and notes to a server and be able to Sync Outlook with Android. In this case you can use a task manager in Andoid that communicates directly with Exchange.

If you do not work with Exchange Server, Outlook stores data in a local file on your computer. In this case, you’ll need two applications: in addition to task manager on the phone have to install an application on your computer to sync Outlook data to a server in the cloud.

As most Outlook users are not connected to an Exchange server, first I propose two solutions that do not require Exchange, followed by my recommendation for Exchange users and finally a list of alternative options.

1. gSyncit

My favorite solution is gSyncit, Swiss Army Knife synchronization. The $19.95 application is able to pass data from your calendar, contacts, tasks and notes in Outlook with Google servers. Then, in order to access your tasks from your Android device, you can use an application like Astrid To-Do .

Finally, although not related to the topic of this article, you can sync Outlook notes with EvernoteSimplenote or Dropbox.


If you want a free solution, you can take a look at GOATS ( Gassumo Outlook Android Tasks Synchronizer). This solution consists of two applications: an application to sync Outlook with the cloud and the other to access this data from Android.

3. TouchDown

There are various applications to connect to an Exchange server from an Android, but TouchDown is what convinced me. For only $19.95 you get access to email, contacts, calendar, tasks and notes.

Other Solutions to Sync Outlook with Android

There are many other Possibilites other than mentioned above to Sync Outlook with Android

  • Moxier Mail : Another Android client for Exchange. Price: $14.99
  • CompanionLink for Outlook synchronizes the contacts, tasks and calendar with DejaOffice or Google Tasks. Price: $49.95
  • RoadSync : a client for Exchange. Price: $9.99
  • Symtasks : a task manager for Android that comes with a complement to install on the PC. Price: $7.99
  • VCOrganizer : also consists of two applications (PC + Android). Price: From $8.50

What method did you use to Sync Outlook with Android? Explain in comments.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013 [Must Have]

As you’ve landed searching for best android apps for rooted phones then you must be aware of what android rooting is all about. You can read the advantages of rooting android in order to convince yourself for rooting your beloved android phone.

Coming to the topic directly, there are lots of apps which work only on rooted android phones. This is because these apps require full system privileges and it is possible only in the rooted android phones.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013

Here I’m including best android apps for rooted phones 2013. All of these apps will provide a very unique and useful function to your rooted android phone.

Meanwhile, you should also install one antivirus app on your android phone whether it is rooted or not because there are lots of security threats going on.

Best Android Apps for Rooted Phones 2013

So before installing any app on your android phone I’ll recommend you to check best antivirus for android 2013 and install any one of the antivirus mentioned and reviewed by me.

ROM Manager

After rooting your device, your first will be to install a genuine and fully functioning custom ROM, right? Install ROM Manager app on your rooted phone and it will provide you a list of available ROMs for your rooted phone.

ROM Manager

You can directly download custom ROM from this app and flash on your rooted phone. You can try the initial free version but I’ll recommend you to go for paid version in order to get best ROMs. [Download]

System Tuner

Rooting is done to get full system privileges so that we can control the proceedings of the system. As you’re not a master of android OS so you will need an app which will let you control the deep integrated system i.e. CPU.

System Tuner

Try System Tuner which is available as free on the GooglePlay store and it will allow you to play with the system of your rooted phone. It is one of the best android apps for rooted phones. [Download]

Titanium Backup

When it comes to taking backup of any android phone then everyone recommend this app and it is really worth. For all your backup related queries, the best solution is Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup

This best android app for rooted phone is packed with lots of features that will allow you to take complete control over the backup. But you need to buy the paid version to unlock all the pro features. [Download]

Root Explorer

You must have tried ES File Explorer which is very popular and best file explorer app among android users but as you’ve rooted phone then you should try Root Explorer app.

Root Explorer

This app will let you know the deeper file structure on your rooted phone. But if you’re not interested in knowing deep file structures then don’t go for this app, it’s not FREE! [Download]

CPU tuner

Another app that allows rooted phones users to play with their android phone’s CPU. The best feature of this app is that it allows underclock of CPU that will save battery and also overclock of CPU that will increase the performance.

In short, this app will give a remote control to the processor of your rooted android phone. [Download]


There are lots of apps which are available in specific countries only and you’re not allowed to download them from your country.

But once you install this app then it changes your country locations and this is how you will be allowed to download those apps from the GooglePlay store. [Download]

Screencast Video Recorder

If you want to create video tutorial on any task that you’ve done on your rooted android phone then try this app. It allows creating high quality videos of your rooted android phone.

Using this app you can create video tutorial easily which you can share with your friends, just to help them! [Download]


In case your device’s internal storage is completely full and it is not provided with external SD card slot then you can try this app and it will allow your rooted phone’s content to store on the USB drive.

Yes, it is possible! You can connect USB drive via US2GO cable and then transfer content to that easily using StickMount app. [Download]

Call Master

To get better control on your phone calls, contact manager app and text, use this app.

Call Master

I’ll not go deeper into telling about this app but rather suggest you to try it on your own. It’s simple and worth. [Download]

Undelete for Root Users

Most of the times, we delete some file but want it back, right? Here comes the role of this best android app for rooted phones.

It will allow you to restore the file which you’ve deleted earlier. Just move on to the Undelete folder and there you’ll find all the files that you’ve deleted so far (after installing this app). [Download]

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Now, let me know whether you’re going for these best android apps for rooted phones or not via your valuable comments.

If you use any other app which is really worth then let me know and I’ll definitely add it in the list after reviewing it. Don’t forget to share this with all your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social network.

Recommended & Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones 2013

We all care about the security of our data stored over the internet, PC, laptop and these days also on our smartphones, right? Smartphones getting too much integrated into our personal life and this is why they have got maximum of our personal data that needs to be secured. But you must be thinking of which one is the best antivirus for android smartphones, right?

Now if you check in the GooglePlay store for the antivirus then there are lots of apps available but not all of them are best. Although most of the apps are from popular antivirus solution providers but still not all of them are good to use on your smartphone.

Recommended10 Free Essential Apps for Android

Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones

Here I’m with the list of antivirus (probably the best ones) that is popular and trending in 2013. So check them out and try using any one of them on your smartphone.

Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones

All these best antivirus for your android smartphones are recommended as they are popular and very reliable.

Recommended5 Best Free Android Video Players

Antivirus Security from AVG

You must be familiar with this name and it is available for the android smartphones as well.  You can try the free version of this really worth antivirus app and once you find it useful and want to upgrade security features then go for the Pro (paid) version.

Antivirus Security from AVG

This antivirus app scans other apps, files, folders and all the content downloaded from internet. It also provides safe browsing feature.

In order to get pro version of all the security features of this app you need to purchase the Pro version.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

It is the most popular and recommended antivirus app for android smartphones and still trending in 2013. It provides all the security features that are required to keep your smartphone healthy.

Lookout Security & Antivirus

Best part of this app is that it also provides you feature to find your lost device. You can instantly search for your smartphone on Google Map, lock out device remotely and also wipe out the data.

Lookout Antivirus App is available totally for free with all features activated in the full version. If you don’t want to purchase AVG, then go with this one.

Antivirus & Mobile Security

Next recommended and best antivirus app for android smartphone is the Antivirus & Mobile Security developed by the TrustGo Inc.

Antivirus & Mobile Security

This app is available for free as complete version and it is recommended by most of popular blogs like CNET. It also provides data backup feature with all other security features.

Dr.Web Anti-virus

This is the free version of the Dr. Web Antivirus android app and if you didn’t like above antivirus then go for this one. The free version has got all the basics security features but if you go for the pro version (Dr.Web Anti-virus Life license) then you’ll get complete protection.

Dr.Web Anti-virus

I tried the free version on my HTC One V and found everything very impressive. In fact this app took me at its user interface, its excellent.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

If you ask me, then I don’t like Bitdefender as it slow down the PC performance but its android app is not like that. If you trust the Bitdefender then try this free app developed by official developers which will protect your smartphone.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

No doubt, Bitdefender has got a large database and knowledge about viruses which and this app will be definitely using that to provide maximum protection.

McAfee Antivirus & Security

If you’re still not convinced with all above mentioned best antivirus for android smartphones then last recommended one is the official McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus & Security

This app will provide you complete security features for your smartphone and you will feel pretty much secured after installing and setting up this free antivirus app.

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Selecting One Antivirus App

Now it is up to you whether you want to have entry level security features i.e. free app or a proper highly security features i.e. paid app. But choose one from the above mentioned best antivirus for android smartphones 2013 list only.

Apex Launcher for Android – Customize Homescreen Your Way [Review]

Once the Facebook has launched the new Home launcher with its HTC First device people have started looking for launcher apps for their android device.

There is an increase in the number of downloads of launching apps since the launch of Facebook home UI. Although Facebook must have patented the UI so that no one can use that but still there are lots of other attractive UI available.

Apex Launcher for Android

The best part of the android because of which it is so popular is that it is completely customizable. You can keep your device looking exactly you want to by either using the Custom ROMs or normally by using apps.

I’m here with one best launcher app for android which is very impressive in its feature and graphics, the Apex launcher for android. Let me take you to the review of the app directly.

Apex Launcher for Android – Review

Before starting with the review I must tell you the requirement for using this app. It is compatible with device running on ICS and Jelly Bean.

Yes, it’s not available for the previous versions than ICS (4.0) so if your device is running Gingerbread or Froyo then nothing here for you.

Apex Launcher Review

Now coming to the review of the app for ICS and Jelly Bean users, the app is available at the official GooglePlay store in two versions. One is free and other is off course the paid one.

I started off with the free version and found its features very impressive. I was able to add HD kind of widgets to my home screen and it also allowed me to hide a particular app.

The apex launcher for android app is a complete package of different folder styles, background pictures, icons and other feature stuff.

When I started using the app then I thought that I’ve either purchased a paid app or else I’m dreaming.

The app also adds gesture features to the home screen and you can pinch and swipe around the home screen comfortably.

I thought of putting all the app shortcuts to the home screen and for that I was looking to create a separate page. I was very impressed to see that this app allows me to create up to 9 home screens. Amazing, isn’t it?

The next thing came into my mind is that what if I feel bore of having so much shortcuts at the home screen? Well, I can hide any dock any time. Superb!

Apex Launcher Free Download

The app comes with backup feature integrated within which keeps my app data secured and it also adds further customized security options using which I can lock down my HTC One V.

The most common issue with every android device is that the wallpaper we add behind moves down to every home screen but this app allowed me to fix one wallpaper (complete) at one home screen and other at other home screens.


So I think after going through my review you’re about 60% convinced and rest will be done when you start using the app. You can try the free version of the app and buy the paid one if you’re really crazy about customization.

5 Best Free Android Video Players

Looking for Best Free Android Video Players ? because you might not be convinced by the default player, here are a couple of options available to you in Google Play and you can download them for free from there. Organized according to the number of downloads, here I present:
Android Video Players

5 Best Free Android Video Players

With more than 100,000 downloads and a score of 4.3 that users can not only play music but also video and images. Lets make playlists, includes widgets, the ability to pass it to the SD card and share what you hear or see in social networks. Besides playing various formats not included in the traditional player.


With over 70,000 downloads and a score of 4.5 users this player, despite not having a flashy interface, is the most functional. It allows you to determine which video search folder to add to the library, just in case there is anyone who does not want to appear. Also, when you exit the application, for example, send a message, you can still keep watching your videos because it becomes a small widget to not have to stop playing. Accepts multiple formats and subtitles.



With over 35,000 downloads and a rating from users of 4.5 is a good buy as player free, nice interface and colorful, functional variety of formats and inclusion of gestures to control player functions. In addition to lock the screen to prevent the alteration of reproduction.


BSPlayer Free

With more than 20,000 and a score downloads the users of 4.6 is a good free acquisition for mobiles midrange. This player, also available for PC, supports almost all media files audio, video or images. It allows you, via Wifi, play videos through shared folders with other computers and copy videos to SD card.Includes ads that are eliminated if you buy the Pro version


VLC for Android (Beta)

Despite being still in the testing phase, the player has more than 20,000 downloads and a score of 4.4 users. Supports a variety of audio formats, video and subtitles like its desktop version and has many customizable options.

VLC for Android

IF you want to complete your inventory of essential applications for your Android, we recommend you visit this link to get all of them for free. I hope you find it useful! If you know any other free android video players, pls let us know by comments 🙂

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