iPhone Communications Apps to write Notes

iPhones have become instrumental in making you truly mobile and this means sneaking a task or two whenever you find the odd free moment. This means you need the right applications for communications, some of which are given below; these will make sending messages, tweeting etc a breeze:

iPhone Communications Apps to write Notes

iPhone Communications Apps to write Notes

  1. Triage: This is an application that will change the way you handle your Emails. Things will be categorized in the way you want with a simple swipe
  2. Swipy: When it comes to get messages from our phone we resort to mailing ourselves and this is where Swipy comes in handy. You can use this to make small scrap notes virtually.
  3. Scraps for iPhone: Quite akin to Swipy but also additional saves the notes and bits in a list and puts them in folders. You can protect the notes with password and manage them into the folders
  4. Fliite: This one is a Twitter client that is really convenient. You can use this app to send tweets to a selected group of contacts on Twitter. You will find this very useful if you find yourself tweeting a lot
  5. Pastie: This one is for simply and quickly pasting small snippets to selected friends and family both. Very useful for sending directions to someone new. You can send snippets telling your family or to office staff about where you are.
  6. Reach Fast Contacts: Enables you to circumvent the plodding and slow method for locating the details of your contact with simple swipe movements. You can even use this one to send messages in a quick and easy manner to a particular contact eaisly.

These are just some applications that enable easy and quick communication. Once you start exploring all the applications that you have on your iPhone you will find that organizing your life becomes really easy.

How to Change IMEI on iPhone 4

How to Change IMEI on iPhone 4 : IMEI is abbreviated as International Mobile Equipment Identity and is a 15 or 17 digit code used to identify the mobile phone on a network. It is very important for the security of the mobile phone, if the phone has been stolen, then they can call their carrier or other networks to track the phone and identify it by using IMEI. Now for the User’s who are looking to Change the IMEI on iPhone 4, here is the tutorial using ZiPhone to change IMEI number on a iPhone 4.

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These are step by step instructions on how to change your iPhone IMEI easily! You can only do this with BL 4.6 BL iPhone.

Change IMEI on iPhone 4 using ZiPhone

Change IMEI on iPhone 4

ZiPhone has the following functions:

  • Unlock and change the IMEI, only works on 4.6 BL (112 and 113 ootb).
  • Jailbreak, works on any OS version.
  • Activation will work on any OS version, except for youtube on 1.0.X.

Perform the Following Steps on an iPhone 4 to Change IMEI number.

Instructions to Change IMEI on iPhone 4

  • Download ZiPhone from the Official Website
  • Extract the files on to Desktop by Double Clicking on it
  • Press Windows+R to open Run Windows and then type CMD to open the Command Window Console
  • Type the Following Command in the DOS Window to enter ZiPhone Directory

cd Desktop/ZiPhone

  • Type the Command ZiPhone to see all its possible uses
  • Put the Phone into Recovery Mode ( To do this press buttons simultaneously Sleep/Wake and Power until you see the Apple logo. When the Apple logo appears release only the Sleep/Wake button until you see the iTunes logo with cable, on the screen. )
  • If you have a 4.6 BL iPhone you can now activate, jailbreak, and unlock! Just type this command:
    ziphone-u-i a123456789012345 
    (Replace the numbers with the IMEI you want)
  • The program will search the file zibri.dat
  • After this is completed, Your iPhone will reboot automatically and you will have a new IMEI 😀

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  • By Changing the IMEI Number, you will void your Warranty
  • It is illegal to Change IMEI number of a Stolen iPhone

Hope you like this Article and Find Useful. Feel free to ask if you have any doubts 🙂

How to Download Torrents on iPhone or iPad

Looking for a good application to download torrents on your iPhone ? Maybe it sounds good.

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The application of which you search for is very popular as a desktop application for Mac Computers for a long time, Transmission, through which you can quickly download files to your computer.

Download Torrents on iPhoneSince the fall of Megaupload, several services are already failing to offer direct downloads and those that do are also very limited. A solution left is to download torrent files and speaking of that topic I would like to recommend an application – iTransmission. I am gonna teach you How to download Torrent Files on your iPhone or any iDevice.

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iTransmission 2.0 is an iPhone application that allows you to download torrents from your device, so no matter where we are, you can download files without a problem. It offers the same clean interface for Desktop counterpart.

Want to have very useful apps on your iPhone? These apps are not available on iTunes store so I call them Unseen Apps, I got a link for you here, hope you like them and use them. These Unseen Apps will take out best out of your iPhone. 


  • To install iTransmission 2.0 on your iDevice, you need to jailbreak it. However,there are many programs that can do it.

Once installed, it adds an icon on the home screen of your iPhone and when you press it, it will immediately start downloading and uploading of applications through a list.
A button mode can be used to see the active downloads and paused downloads , and to activate them easily.

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How to Download Torrents on iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch

  • To add a torrent file to download, simply click on the + button and add the url to download.

Download Torrents on iPhone

  • It automatically starts downloading the file.

How to Download Torrents on iPhone

Torrents on iPhone

  • As i said, you can pause or continue downloading quickly.

That’s all.

In these applications, something to consider is the type of connection you use, because with a 3G data plan you can load the rate limit in just one day. iTransmission thought about it for only Wi-Fi configuration and make sure that you do not use it with another connection.

It also has some other classic options in the program such as the configuration of the ports to download the files.

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As in the desktop application for Mac, You will all the information such as accounts with which you download the files, and other options once the download is complete.You will have options to delete the files and the data.

This is a good application to manage torrent files on a jailbroken iDevice. The same process goes on to download torrents on iPad as well.

I’m sure you’ll like it. If you know another applications to download Torrents on iPhone, leave us your feedback.

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You can find free iTransmission from the repository http://cydia.ccp.li/

You can find about the development of iTransmission here : Code.Google

How iPhone can be of help to Students

iPhone can be of help to Students

Iphone has helped many businesses grow but it is also a great device for college students. Let’s see how an iPhone can be of help to Students.

Most parents would say that smartphones are spoiling today’s generation. There is definitely some truth to that but every gadget can be useful if we use it for the right reasons. We find most people now prefer smartphones to their computers. Students are mostly into smartphones, it can also help them a lot to solve their problems. If you are a college going student then having an iPhone can be of help to you.

There are many apps and websites that can be of help to a student and will help them in their studies. Let’s have a look at how an iPhone can help you with your studies.

How iPhone can be of help to Students

iPhone can be of help to Students

Conduct your Research with Wi-Fi

Most of the businesses are already online and so it is an ideal place for researches. So if you have to do any researches then get on your iPhone. Most colleges now have Wi-Fi connections and so having an iPhone will help you to connect right away and conduct your research instantly. Whenever you need an answer or if you have a problem then you can connect to the Wi-Fi and get the answers. This will make your studies hassle free and quick all at the same time.

Download  E-books on iPhone

College means you need a lot of books. You can download the eBooks from the iPhone and use them. You can also download apps related to your study and use them for your studies. This way you will have access to your books at all times. You also don’t have to carry books anymore. All you need is your iPhone and that will help you to read your books at any time without carrying them. Many students are already using eBooks on their iPhone in order to do their studies.

Organize and Schedule your Studies

When you are studying there is always too much on hand. So it gets hard to manage everything properly. Your iPhone will help you to schedule all your studies and organize them in a proper way. You have different apps that will help you to schedule your study activities daily in an organized manner. So iPhone will help you with your studies but also help you scheduling your studies.

Record Lectures

You can record the lecture if you cannot take down notes. The iPhone comes with large memory, so recording a long lecture will not be a problem. This will help you to refer to the points made by the lecturer. If you want to go back to it you can also do that whenever you want it.

Keep in touch with Fellow Students

There are many ways you can communicate to your fellow students and discuss when you have doubts and questions. You can either call them text them, or video chat with them with Facetime. You will be able to exchange information by email as well. This way you can do your studies with ease.

All of these points can help a student to cope up with his/her studies in college. Make the best use of anything can help you in many ways. But if your children are still in school then giving them a smartphone might not be the best choice but if you are a college student an iPhone can be of great help to you. If you are going to college or deciding to go to college then you might also want to get an iPhone that will help you in your studies and help you to manage everything systematically. So go ahead, get yourself an iPhone, and help yourself.

9 Great Photography Apps for iPhone

Photography Apps for iPhoneThe native application of iPhone is not a big deal, serves its function and nothing else, so it’s always good to have other photo apps installed to make original photos with fun effects. I have compiled a list of 9 great photography apps for iphone.

The best-known application of photography with effects and filters is Instagram , but we must not be alone with it, there are many interesting alternatives worth trying. These are  free apps and you do not have to pay a dime, so I hope you like them.

1 – PowerCam

It is a very complete Free App. We can add effects in real time as we take photos or record videos.It has more than 60 effects and filters ready to apply and give an original touch to your photos. Obviously it comes with options to share our photos or videos on social networks.



2 – Vintique

Vintique is an application to take pictures and apply  vintage or retro effects, a total of 32 elegant effects that give a very cool touch to your photos. On the other hand we can also do basic edits in the color balance, temperature, brightness,contrast and saturation. Finally, it also incorporates social features to share our creations.


3 – Frametastic

This app is for lovers of collages like to share many photos, as it gives them the ability to create photo collages with edges. Bring a set of predefined templates or matrices where we can start adding photos with different effects that we like. Obviously we can share our photos with social networks.


4 – ColorBlast!

This app is to create those black and white photos in color but with bosses as seen in the image below. The photo is converted to black and white and we  have to chose  the color.


5 – Fisheye

It is simply an app to take pictures with the traditional fisheye effect.


9 great Photography Apps for iPhone

6 – Facebook Camera

Facebook Camera is the new Facebook app to take pictures, with which we can take photos, apply effects and share them on social network. Our friends can comment on and we comment on them.

Facebook Camera

7 – Pic Stitch

Another app for creating photo collages, comes with 32 templates to choose from the predefined. We can also add a particular effect for each photo and place it in the desired frame. Obviously, we can share our creations in the most popular social networks.

Pic Stitch

8 – Photoset

Photoset is a new app launched by the creators of movie that lets you create sets of photos to share with friends. We can take pictures from the camera or select from the reel. Once finished, we can generate a link to share with whoever we want.


9 – Photo Mage

This app is simple but effective, allows us to take photos or select the spool and then apply effects and add descriptions with very cool custom fonts. We can also share them on social networks.

Photo Mage

This was the edition for iOS users, but be aware that in a few days it will be available Android .

If you know of an app worth mentioning, please do not hesitate to tell in the comments!