Best Chrome Extensions for 2013 [Top 10]

Best Chrome Extensions for the Year 2013Are you in need of Best Chrome Extensions or Addons? Yes, you are in the right place. As you all know, Chrome is the fastest and Best Browser so far, you might also need to make it more Productive. So here i present Top 10 Free Best Extensions for Chrome.

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Best Chrome Extensions 2013

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for the year 2013

1. Gimme a break!

Gimme a break! Chrome, The first Addon in the Best Chrome Extensions. It is a timer basically designed for use with the Pomodoro technique (three periods of 25 minutes of work followed by 5 minutes of rest), although we can customize the time of the rest as per our need. It is also easily integrable with the Google Tasks

Download | Gimme a break!

2. Do Share

Do Share is one of the Best Chrome Extensions in which we can program publications or publish on the spot, with an option in the context menu to include a link to the page you are viewing. However, to the programming work, your browser must be open , or at least running in the background.

This extension has been evolving incorporating the possibility feedback and additional support for Publishing in communities.

Download | Do share

3. Blockr

Blockr is the extension of a service that helps us to keep us distracted surfing the Web, because it blocks access to any page until you comply with one of two types of goals you can: write a certain number of words or X Commits code on GitHub. So, maybe it’s helpful only if the keyboard is your main tool.

Download | Blockr

4. Annotary

Annotary allows us to highlight text on a web page and add annotations to them by way of post-it. As expected, the extension works through a free service in which you are keeping all your notes and highlighted text. Worthy to be used when investigating about any topic.

Download| Annotary

5. +You Gbar

One problem that I see that Google puts the bar at the top of most of its services is the inability to change the order of the links there. However, by + Gbar You can do it. And not only the visible, but also that we saved in the “More” section.

Download | + You Gbar

6. HTML5ify

It is also one among other best chrome extensions and also the most useful. What it does is simple: replace the Flash video player that we appear on a page by the HTML5 player whenever possible. Works smoothly on YouTube, Vimeo and even Amazon and sites with embedded videos.

Download | HTML5ify

7. PrivacyFix

This extension give us a report of sites could be problematic to maintain a high level of privacy in such services, accompanied by a link to modify them if we deem necessary. Also shows a list of sites that share all or part of our database, allowing us to block the follow up to one thousand companies.

Download | PrivacyFix

8. CleanSave

With ecological vocation, it is one of the best chrome extensions that allows us to remove items from a web page before printing and also save a copy in PDF or RTF directly into Drive, Box or Dropbox, the latter being the aspect that I find most interesting (perhaps because in recent times my paper work has been reduced to a minimum).

Download | CleanSave

9. MyPermissions

We have here another one among best chrome extensions dedicated to privacy. In this case, the service comes with the same name and what it does is allow us to quickly and easily manage the applications you’ve given permission to access on Facebook , may even revoke all in one fell swoop.

Download | Mypermissions

10. Save to Drive

Although it had appeared that allowed extensions to submit items to Google Drive, as CleanSave could not be left out of this list’s own official extension service. We can send to Drive many files such as images, web pages and files in the net, in addition we can also perform complete or partial screenshots of the pages we are watching.

Download | Save to Drive

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So these are some of the Best Chrome Extensions for the Year 2013 and i mentioned only Top 10 which are Free. If you have any other extensions in mind and better than these, pls do let us know by Commenting. Keep Sharing 🙂

Best Download Manager for Chrome

Download Manager for ChromeAre you a Chrome user and want a Download Manager for it? I am gonna list the Top 5 Best Download Manager for Chrome. No doubt Chrome is One of the Best Browsers and has been listed as one of the Top 5 Web Browsers of 2013. It is considered the best Browser because of its speed. Though it is the fastest Browser, it lacks some of the features. Not having a Download Manager is one of those. Download Manager for Chrome not only helps in download files quickly but also improves the performance while download them. Thus i highly recommend having a Best Download Manager for Chrome.

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So today i am gonna list Top 5 Best Download Managers for Chrome. These will not only help in improving your download speeds, but also helps you in Organising your files in an effective way. Here are some of the Best Download Manager for Chrome.

Download Manager for Chrome

Top 5 Best Download Manager for Chrome

1. Internet Download Manager

As you might already know, Internet Download Manager is one of the Popular and Best Download Manager for Chrome as well as Other Browsers. It increases the download speed by about 5 Times. Isn’t that cool? It also have many other features like Downloading Videos from Video Sites, HTML Grabber, Pause and Resume Capability etc., You can also organize files into groups and schedule them. You can also Download Torrents with IDM and need not worry about seeds and slow downloading speeds.

Download | Internet Download Manager

2. Flash Get

Flash Get is another Download Manager for Chrome and an alternative to Internet Download Manager. It is designed to download files faster and easier. It has a good interface and has many similar features like Resume and pause Capability, Organizing files etc.,

Download | FlashGet

3. Download Accelerator Manager (DAM)

As the name suggests, it is considered to be the best Scheduler, Download Manager and an Accelerator and is one of the Best Download Managers in Software World. Its features includes fastest downloading speeds using smart download logic, downloading videos from youtube, Grab and download web music and videos, light weight, fast and free.

Download | Download Accelerator Manager

4. Download Studio

It is the award winning Download Manager that lets you download everything on the internet. You can download games,videos,music,tv shows,movies, Complete Sites, Documents,RSS Feeds etc., Its features includes Ultra Fast Speed and Easy to Use. It is a File Browser,Viewer and Organizer.

Download | Download Studio

5. Free Download Manager

This is the Last Download Manager for Chrome in my List. It is a powerful, easy to use and free download manager and accelerator. It is Open Source and Following Features. Increase Download Speeds and Resume broken Links, Download Whole Site using FTP or HTTP or even bitTorrent Protocol, Download Videos from Youtube and other Video Sites .flv format, Convert Videos etc.,

Download | Free Download Manager

So, these were some of the Best Download Manager for Chrome according to my Compilation. Do you want to suggest any other Download Managers? Pls do tell your Opinions and Problems through Comments 🙂

How to Delete Browsing History

Here is quick tutorial on how to delete browsing history. When the computer is shared, it is sometimes necessary to maintain privacy by eliminating data that your browser stores on pages that have been visited. In order to maintain your privacy while surfing the Internet , especially in a public or a library where a line of people waiting to use the equipment when you go, you must clear the history before logging. The history is easier to see the list of websites that you entered in the address bar, because that’s where all the world access to websites that they want to see.

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Delete Browsing History

Deleting browsing history on the two most popular browsers Internet Explorer and Firefox, is similar and simple. In Safari, a user must enhance and lock or delete an archive file on the disk drive.

How to Delete Browsing History ?

This article explains in simple steps how to delete the browsing history of the 4 main browsers mostly used for Internet browsing: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Delete Browsing History in Internet Explorer 8 :

  • Open Internet Explorer and click on “Tools“.
  • A drop down menu will appear, Click “Internet Options” .
  • Click on the “General” tab, and then click “Delete …”  under “Browsing history”.
  • Select the checkbox next to “History“.
  • Click the “Delete”  and wait for it to clear history. When you click on the address bar, nothing is displayed.

Delete Browsing History in Mozilla Firefox :

  • Open Firefox and click on “Tools“. A drop down menu will appear.
  • Click “Options …” .
  • Click on the “Privacy“.
  • Click “Settings” in the “Private Data“.
  • Click the check boxes next to “Browsing History” and “Saved Form and Search History“.
  • Click “OK”  and then click “Clear Now” in the “Private Data”  to clear the record of the address bar.

Delete Browsing History in Google Chrome :

To clear the history in Google Chrome you should follow these steps :

  • Go to the top right of the screen and click on the button symbolizing a wrench.
  • Select the “Options“.
  • Once the menu box is deployed choose the “Advanced” tab.
  • Click on the “Clear browsing data“.
  • A new menu is displayed. To clean total data, verify that all boxes are checked.
  • Finally click on “Clear browsing data“.

Delete Browsing History in Safari ( Mac OS) :

  • Open the Safari Web browser and click on “Edit”  in the toolbar. A drop down menu will appear.
  • Click “Reset Safari …”.
  • Check each item that appears in the “Reset Safari” and then click “Reset“. This will delete all history that appears in Safari, but we must go further to remove entries from the address bar.
  • Click the folder “Users” on the desktop and then click your user name. Go to the “Library” folder and click on “Safari“. Inside this folder there are files with the extension “. Plist” Find the file “history.Safari.plist“.
  • Click “Get Info” and then locks the file so that it can not access the URLs in the address bar of Safari. When you start Safari, no URLs in the address bar are displayed and the computer will not be able to save any URL because the file “historia.Safari.plist” has been blocked. You can also delete the file because it will create a new one the next time you start Safari. It might be a good idea if you want to access the information again or save a backup that you can restore later.

Delete Browsing History Using CCleaner :

If using more than one browser, the easiest option may be to use the free software  CCleaner . This program lets you delete the browsing history of all the programs that are used to surf the Internet simultaneously.

CCleaner also removes other computer files such as temporary files and empty the recycle bin.

Tip : To effectively remove CCleaner browsing history, different browsers must be closed before running this software for cleaning .

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How to remove unwanted Toolbars in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Remove unwanted Toolbars : Recently, a number of freeware applications including spam toolbars are increasing day by day. The toolbars tend to let developers make money with something they are giving away for free. Some toolbars, such as Google Toolbar (or StumbleUpon, for instance ) are very useful. In fact, StumbleUpon is one of the best ways to get to some Internet content fresh. But other toolbars that are usually installed with the software package without their consent, do nothing but to kick the browser performance.

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Some applications allow you deselect manually any unwanted software package during the installation process. However, sometimes they are not available.
Toolbar Cleaner is a lightweight application designed to remove toolbars in major web browsers including Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It offers cleaning of various startup items.

remove unwanted Toolbars

Toolbar Cleaner automatically recognizes installed browsers and their add-ons and toolbars. The user interface is simple and easy to use. Two main tabs that define its functionality, are named as browsers and Windows startup. The list of browsers and related items are listed in the Browsers tab. The utility allows you to delete multiple processing elements. For trash plugins or toolbars, just dial in the list and click “Remove selected toolbar (s) / BHO (s)”. You can also click Select All, or double-click the name of a browser to check all related components at once.

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remove unwanted Toolbars

A dialog box appears, allowing you to jump in to the Control Panel to uninstall any related software.

remove unwanted Toolbars

The second tab of the application (Windows startup) provides a way convenient to eliminate unnecessary items that run on startup of Windows .

remove unwanted Toolbars

Toolbar Cleaner is a very useful utility for cleaning your favorite web browser. It works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. Hope this was helpful 🙂

Download: Toolbar Cleaner