Best Cyber Cafe Safety Rules [Must Know]

Still in the 2013, there are many people who don’t have internet connection or PC or laptop in their home and they have to use internet via cyber cafes. But not every cyber cafe user is aware of the safety rules so I’m here with the best cyber cafe safety rules.

There are lots of buzz going on always about safety rules. Many people don’t care about safety rules and there are chances that such people’s personal life (on internet) is not safe.

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That is why we need to be aware of internet safety rules or it is also known as cyber security.

Cyber Cafe Safety Rules

Cyber Cafe Safety Rules

I’m going through the best cyber cafe safety rules one by one. Make sure you go through each of them thoroughly since security of our personal data is extremely important to us.

Don’t Save Login Information

Cyber safety is very important so whenever you’re browsing internet in a cyber cafe then don’t save your account passwords in the browsers. Browser prompts users to save their passwords but as you’re not having your personal PC at Cyber Cafe so don’t save the password in any case.


Firewall protection is provided to add an extra layer of security while accessing internet. So make sure that firewall is enabled on PC which you’re going to use for browsing internet.


Look at the URL of any website. Most of the time you’ll see HTTP but if that website is certified and using it is secured then it will use HTTPs instead of HTTP. So if on any website you’re entering any of your personal information then look for HTTPs.

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Don’t Use Credit or Debit Cards at All

This is extremely important. If you need to make payment then don’t choose cyber cafe for that. You either go to your friend’s home who is having PC and internet connection or go for off line shopping and payment options.

In case you’ve no other option then delete complete browser history, cookies, everything from the browser after surfing the internet. This will clear every kind of information stored during your session.

Clear Browser History

Every time you use internet via Cyber cafe then don’t forget to clear the history from browser before closing your session.

Cyber Cafe Safety

To access history on any browser Press CTRL + H buttons from keyboard and there you’ll find option to delete history. Make sure you delete complete data from the browser.

Private Important Information

Everyone have this type of information which is extremely important and private of each one of us. So don’t share any of such information over the internet anywhere while accessing via Cyber cafe. This will provide you better Cyber security.

You need to follow these five tips any how every time you use Cyber cafe to surf the internet. Make sure you didn’t miss out any of these points and make a habit of using them.

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