Differences between Surface RT and Surface Pro

Microsoft a few months ago showed what would be its first generation of own tablets, under the name Surface. Two models of these devices operating on the basis of its latest operating system, Windows 8 , in two versions, one designed for mobile devices with ARM architecture, and one for more professional devices, from computers to tablets with x86 architecture. This really can be confusing for anyone interested in acquiring a new Windows tablet. Which model do I choose? Surface What is according to my needs? Microsoft explains differences between Surface RT and Surface Pro.

Differences between Surface RT and Surface Pro

Differences between Surface RT and Surface Pro

In general, RT Surface is a device for more casual use. It has Windows version RT and is designed to read and reply emails, social networks, watch videos, surf the internet, play some games and even work hand some of the popular office applications Redmond giant. The greatest feature of this device is that it is really light weight, and battery life is pretty generous.

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Surface RT is limited to install applications from the Windows Store, so the user will be limited in this respect. For the user who wants a device for professional use , the option to consider is undoubtedly Surface Pro.

This other version being based on x86 architecture has the OS version Windows 8 Pro, allowing you to run any application we use in our personal computer. The battery life is poor, and its weight is greater than Surface RT, as its processor and components consume enough energy and increase the thickness of the device, but this tablet is designed for those who need a complete computer anywhere and time, a purpose that can meet smoothly.

Two tablets bears the same name but are aimed at very different markets.

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