Does Blog Commenting Help SEO?

I’ve seen on many people providing blog commenting services on many forums and blogging related groups over the web. I went on with one person and he provided me the blog commenting services.

That time I didn’t knew the benefit of blog commenting but soon I saw the increase in PR of my blog and I also got few more visitors (when I checked Analytics).

Blog Commenting Help SEO?

Straight fully I thought of writing it down for all other bloggers who are still in dilemma whether blog commenting help SEO or not. My answer is typically YES.

Question – Does blog commenting helps?

Answer – Yes

Now why Yes?

How Blog Commenting Help SEO

I must tell you point by point and explain the reason of answering that question with Yes.

As a SEO expert I know the value of backlinks for a blog or website. If a blog or website is not having any backlinks then chances of getting PageRank from Google are almost negligible.

Blog CommentingAs a blogger you must have read or you must know that to increase the PageRank your blog need to connect to other blogs or websites via backlinks.

Now you can either purchase the backlinks or get it via blog commenting. If you are serious about your blog then it’ll be good to do the blog commenting for your blog by yourself. It will save your valuable money and also you will be in control of backlinks generated via comments.

Another benefit of blog commenting is that it brings back lots of free traffic, not organic but still valuable as who knows which customer is making conversions for us and which not.

As a blogger our main aim is to get more and more traffic so that we get maximum clicks on the advertisements, in short maximum conversion.

Now the next benefit is very impressive and you’ll love it. These days you must have heard about the keyword density, right? Every article on your blog should have an optimum keyword density otherwise your content will not get ranked on higher rankings.

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As now you’re restricted to use main keywords in limited numbers so you must be thinking of some other way to increase the keyword density naturally.

Here comes the role of comments. You only need to encourage readers of your blog to do comments or share their views or anything they want to via comments. This is how they will add a little content and there must be keywords in those comments.

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Now I think you got the point which I’m trying to explain you above. This is how you can increase the keyword density and that too automatically. Don’t worry about getting affected by Google’s algorithms as the keyword density is increasing naturally and Google don’t put any restriction on that.

Best benefit of commenting which I also personally like the most is that a community is created by commenting. When you start commenting on other blogs then you will get to know what other bloggers are doing and if other people are commenting on your blog then they are creating a community central on your blog.

Both ways you’re getting the benefit. So why to let it go?

What about Do-follow?

I’ll recommend you to watch the video down here in which Matt Cuts will explain you how to be on safe side and how to safely do the blog commenting on Do follow blogs.

Ready for Blog Commenting?

So I think you’re ready to get an extra bit of SEO benefit by the blog commenting but do read few Do’s and Don’ts before starting off.

What to Do?

  1. Prefer blog commenting on blogs that have same niche of your blog.
  2. Keep the frequency of comments limited. I’ll recommend you to do only 5 comments a day.
  3. Always try to put an impressive and high quality content in the comment so that your comment gets approved. Otherwise there will be no benefit if your comment is not approved.
  4. Look for the websites that have either CommentLuv plugin enabled or at least letting you put link to your website.
  5. Always check the quality of the blog before leaving comment.
  6. Write content on your blog in such a way that readers find themselves impressed by your writings and then they will definitely leave valuable comments.

CommentLuv plugin enabled

What to Avoid (Don’ts)?

  1. If your blog is about cameras then stick to camera or photography niche blogs. Don’t go for the travel niche. In rare cases you can put comment on other niche but that should be natural then. It should not look like that you’ve done comment to get backlink.
  2. Avoid doing spamming activities and putting lots of links back to your website otherwise your comment will not be approved.
  3. If someone placed a comment with a link that leads to a spammy or low quality website or blog then either remove the link from that comment or just don’t approve that. Otherwise that spammy link will hurt the SEO and reputation of your blog.
  4. Keep the number of comments limited. I already mentioned this point in DO’s because if you start making 10 or more comments daily then these comments will create that much number of backlinks for you. If your blog is getting too much backlinks in short period of time then Google start looking it as Spammy activity.


I think I’ve covered all the topics that needs to be discussed on this topic. But if you find any other point to be added then let me know via your comments. I hope you enjoyed reading article and got the perfect solution.

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