Free Download Facebook for Windows 7/8/XP [Complete]

You must be a very addictive user of Facebook which is the giant social networking website that’s why you’re looking for some way using which you can download Facebook for Windows 7 and start using it directly from your PC desktop.

Facebook has not launched any official application for the desktop users (Windows 7) but still there are lots of other ways to download Facebook for free and that too very comfortably.

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If you only want to use Facebook chat feature directly from your Windows 7 desktop then you can try the official Facebook Messenger (Chat) application which is available for free.

facebook messenger for desktop

You can download the official Facebook Messenger on your Windows 7 desktop or laptop for free from the official CNET download source.

But I think you’re already aware of the Facebook Messenger application and you want to learn about how to download Facebook completely.

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Well, downloading Facebook is not possible (lol) but you can download and install an application which will allow you to use Facebook right from the desktop. That means you don’t need to open Facebook from the web browser.

Download Facebook for Windows 7/8/XP

In order to learn this you need to go through following simple tutorial.

  1. Download software (Facebook Pro) available for free on the official CNET Downloader source.
  2. Follow the screen instructions to download and install the software.
  3. Once this application is installed then it will start up automatically for the first time. You can login with your Facebook credentials (user name and password combination) to start using Facebook right from the desktop in your Windows 7 PC.


You will find everything as it is (same as you’ve seen while accessing Facebook from browser) but it has got a dedicated button at the top using which you can move to the Home of your Facebook.

Speed of browsing was almost same as I was getting in the browser but still not equivalent to the Google Chrome’s speed.
facebookI hope you’re pretty much clear with the tutorial as it was very easy. If you don’t want to use this application or software due to any reason (may be you didn’t find it impressive) then you can try installing Facebook as extension in Google Chrome.

Via extensions, you will receive important notifications, messages and friend request details directly on the Chrome without login into the Facebook. You can check for the Facebook extension in the Chrome web store.

Another way of using Facebook in this way is by using Torch web browser. It comes with integrated Facebook as extension. Torch is very impressive web browser that is based on the Chromium source code (same as of Google Chrome).

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