How to Download Torrents with IDM

Download Torrents with IDMWant to Download Torrents directly without a Torrent Client? Here i am gonna explain a method to Download Torrents with IDM or directly. Many Times, i experienced Slow download speeds with uTorrent because of less number of Seeds and Peers, I always wanted to Download Torrents Directly or through IDM. So now i am gonna Explain the Method i used to Download Torrents with IDM using a intermediate Sites which Downloads the torrents on to their Servers and gives a http Link for us to Download Directly.

So, lets discuss why you wanna Download Torrents Directly? You might be knowing the Answers, Some of the reasons are:

  • Slow Download Speed
  • Blocking of Torrent Ports at School or College
  • Don’t want to use Torrent Client 😛
  • or a Fan of IDM 😀

So, to Download Torrents through IDM, what you require ?

Requirements to Download Torrents with IDM

  • A Torrent File or Direct Link of it
  • An Intermediate Server which caches the files for you and Offers you the download Link
  • A PC with IDM installed
  • and Internet Connection Ofcourse 😛

So, after Torrific has been shut down (which was the famous site for caching torrent files), many other sites have come into Picture. To know more about those sites, I suggest you to read Best Torrific Alternatives 2013

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Download Torrents with IDM-ZBigzSo you might go through the Post and Select one of the Sites according to the Features. For the Tutorial Purpose, i am using ZBigz (My Preference) to Download Torrents with IDM.

How to Download Torrents with IDM using ZBigz

Step 1: Go to your Favourite Torrent Site and Download the Desired Torrent (.torrent file)

Step 2: Go to and Register a Account (Free will work)

Step 3: Login to your Account and  Upload Torrent File and Click on Go

Download Torrents with IDM-Go Button

Step 4: A Popup will appear and Select Free or Premium if you have Purchased it

Download Torrents with IDM-ZBigz Free Premium

Step 5: Now thier Torrent Server will start Caching the files, you can do your work and get back later

Step 6: After the Caching Process, you will have to click on .zip Button to start Downloading Torrents with IDM

Download Torrents with

Follow the above steps carefully to Download Torrents with IDM or directly easily. You also have the option to pause using IDM because the Download with ZBigz is Resumable 🙂

Download Torrents with IDM-Pause Resume

If you have any doubts or opinions on this topic, pls do let us know in Comments. Also, Don’t forget to share this post as it might be helpful for your friends 😉

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