Facebook acquired a Design Firm – Hot Studio

Facebook acquired a Design Firm called Hot Studio. Earlier this month, Facebook announced a new event to showcase its design and news feed. This is a company that makes some changes in terms of aesthetics quite often in getting less active users.

However, the final design submitted was surprised by the higher priority given to the images and by the unification of interface between all devices. Nevertheless, Facebook has announced the purchase of Hot Studio , a company with a lot of talent located in San Francisco and New York which already has 16 years running.

Facebook Acquired a Design Firm - Hot Studio

Facebook acquired a Design Firm – Hot Studio

The purchase of Hot Studio is one of the largest Facebook one made up ​​to date. Keep in mind that the design firm has no less than 114 workers when you consider data from LinkedIn. However, still unknown data transaction. ? Far outweighing the economic costs involved the acquisition of Instagram?

In recent months, Hot Studio has collaborated on various projects with Facebook. Thanks to this cooperation, Zuckerberg realized the great potential of the company and decided to appropriate it .Employees of this will be incorporated in the departments of product design, communication design, investigation, engineering and content strategy.

Facebook has some major change in mind? We must bear in mind that the design changes was made recently. In fact, to reach gradually to all users, some still do not have a chance to enjoy it. From here we have two options. Do you think Facebook has failed in the new design and needs outside help to improve it? Or, are already thinking about their next update? I honestly do not surprise me this second idea because of the speed at which we are accustomed to when changing the interface.

In short, the transition will take place in the coming months . We will remain attentive to the developments presented in collaboration with the team of Hot Studio.

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