Facebook Changed its Privacy Terms before launching Graph Search

A few days ago, Facebook introduced Facebook Graph Search , a social search engine that will ensure the third pillar of the social network and its main objective will be to increase the interaction between users. It is not yet activated for all but apparently Facebook paved the way for the launch in December and since amended the terms of privacy so that users could avoid appearing in search results in Graph Search.
Facebook Graph Search

Facebook Graph Search

Graph Search promises to be a search engine with natural language, eg “friends living in Hyderabad” or “friends favorite restaurants in Hyderabad”. To achieve this, Facebook added a new clause in December to its privacy terms that can be stated as follows:

When hidden information on your timeline, as posts or connections, you do not appear, but remember, anyone connected with these could see them, your content may appear on the timeline or in other searches. You can also delete or change the audience of your posts.

In short, if you want to completely disappear from the search, you will have to check all your content . If you really know how to use Facebook, it will not be a big problem since it is assumed that the social network that focuses on connecting people do actually know. It’s no secret that Graph Search is a desperate attempt to get Facebook users to engage more and a new way to monetize the social network.

There is still no official statement or explanation from Facebook on the subject, it seems that the Mark Zuckerberg will give much to talk about in the coming months and we anticipate that many users will be happy with the news of the new terms Privacy, starting with the issue that there were no reported changes at any time.

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