Facebook Groups Settings Best Tricks and Tips

You must know about Facebook Groups or created a new group on Facebook that’s why you were searching for Facebook groups settings tricks and tips.

Let me have the opportunity to introduce all best tips and tricks which you must know. If you’ve still not created a group then I’ll tell you first how to create Facebook group and then move on to Group settings tricks and tips.

Create Facebook Group

  • Login into your Facebook profile and click on “More” option from the left hand side bookmarks.
  • You’ll have the list of all the groups that you’ve joined. Now click on Create Group button at the top.

Facebook Groups Settings

  • Now enter the details related to Group. You can directly add Members (only your friends) directly from here.
  • Check the Privacy Settings as well. If you keep it Open then anyone can see what all going in the group. If Closed then only members can see and if Secret then it goes to the toughest level of Privacy.
  • Click on Create Button to start the Group.
  • If you want to add an image then select from the short popup menu. You can skip this step to get the default icon.

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This is how you can create group on Facebook and now I’ll tell you all the required tips and tricks one by one.


To start or stop notification of whatever going inside the group you can change the setting with one simple click.

  • Just move into the group.


  • There you will find Notifications options at the top menu bar in the right hand corner. Click that and choose an appropriate option.

That’s it! This is how you can control the notifications of group not only yours but of any group.

Facebook Groups – Complete Settings

Now to alter complete settings you need to follow these steps,

Click on Gear button which is there next to the Notifications option in the group and choose “Edit Group Settings” option from the short menu.

Complete Settings

I’ll discuss each setting one by one now.

Group Name – You can change the name of the group and also the icon that you linked with the group from these options.

Privacy – I already discussed about this setting when I told you how to create Facebook Group. So look for the details in above sub heading.

Membership Approval – If you choose first option then any member of the group whether he/she is admin or not, can approve any new member’s request to join the group. But if you choose second option then only admin will be allowed to approve the join request on any new member.

Group Address – You can add custom name which will be there in the URL of the group. You can use this option to change the group URL but nothing will happen if you don’t use it. In short, it depends on you whether you want to have a custom URL or not.

Description – You can add description of the group which users can read before joining the group. This description will tell them what this group is all about.

Posting Permissions – This is one of the very important settings of the group. If you choose the first option then any member can post anything they want in the group but if you choose the second then only the admins of the groups will be allowed to post in the group.

It depends on you whether you want to allow members to post in the group or not. So use this setting according to this requirement.

Post Approval – If you check this option then all the posts needs to be approved always by the admins and if uncheck then members can post anything anytime they want to.

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Important :- Don’t forget to click on Save button at the bottom so that the changes you made in the settings can be saved.

How to Make Any Member Admin of Group?

Next important thing you need to learn is how to make any member admin of the group. If you make any other member as admin then he/she will get all the system privileges that you have. It will help you as there will be two or more persons to control the group.

  • Click on “About” tab/option from the top menu bar in the group.
  • Now you’ll find all the members that are members of your group. Click on Gear button which is there just below the profile of every member.

Make Any Member Admin of Group

  • Now Click on Make Admin option and again click on Make Admin button from the popup menu.

That’s it!

How to Delete Facebook Group Permanently?

Last tip I’ll include is how to completely delete a Facebook group. In order to delete a group you must be the admin of that group.

  • Go to the About tab where you’ll see the list of members who joined your group.
  • Remove each and every person from the group.
  • When you’re the only one left in the group then click on the Gear option and remove yourself too.

Delete Facebook Group Permanently

  • Facebook will ask you whether you want to delete group or not, then choose “Delete Group” option.

That’s it!

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If you want to learn any new tips or tricks about Facebook Group or any other related thing then commend down your problem and we’ll provide you with the best possible solution.

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