Facebook is developing an Application that Tracks the Location of People

Facebook is developing a Smartphone application that tracks the location of people. The idea of implementing location on Facebook emerges as part of the strategy that the company is making to strengthen the growing use of social networking on Mobile Devices .

Facebook Location Tracking App

Application that Tracks the Location of People

The application, which is scheduled for mid-March , is designed to help users to find their friends close even when the program is not running in the foreground on the device.

Facebook is adding features to help more and more to its millions of users to use their services on mobile devices. The tracking application could help Facebook sell related advertising to the daily habits of each person.

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Regulators in the United States and Europe have already analyzed the Facebook location application on campus. The team developing this application is being led by Peter Deng , a product manager who worked at Google in 2007. The working group also includes employees of Glancee , a startup acquired by Facebook in May that was dedicated to monitoring locations and Gowalla , a social network based on the location of their users whose assets were purchased in December 2011.

Really no surprise that Facebook is betting on these applications following the launch of Graph Search , its social search engine that will allow us to meet all our friends as you type the information.

The application will run continuously in the background to monitor the location of our device.  Hopefully these changes in the privacy of users of the company do not affect Facebook and that they have learned the lesson about change from the previous terms of use of Instagram that caused a stir when members thought that the company was going to use your photos in ads without their permission.

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