Fierce competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV

The Samsung Galaxy S IV has been made ​​official by in Times Square as planned. This is the new phone that joins the Galaxy S family, a very successful range. As sensed, the new terminal corresponds to the filtered images these days. Follows the typical design lines of its predecessor the Samsung Galaxy S III but has many similarities with the Galaxy Note II. Let’s review the then competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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Fierce competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV

Fierce competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV

First, the Samsung Galaxy S IV is framed in the field of mobile with large screens that are becoming so popular lately, reaching too close to the phablets. It has a 4.99 inch screen with 441 ppi density standing at the forefront in terms of resolution, but surpassed by the HTC one that has 468 dpi. However, asit  is well known to all that the human eye does not distinguish from 300 dpi .

Fierce competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV

Best Technical Specifications

Although as yet we dont have access to mobile and therefore impossible to give a personal opinion, it is interesting to compare it with other smartphones on the market tougher competition level specifications . Among them, we highlight the Nexus 4, the iPhone 5, the Nokia Lumia 920 and the recent BlackBerry Z10. I believe that, it is one of the most important terminals of each operating system although it is clear that there are others who fall short such as HTC or Xperia Z. If I chose the Nexus 4 because it is the last terminal of Google and LG having pure Android interface .

If we look closely at the characteristics of each terminal we realized that Samsung is dealing to offer the best performance. Its screen is bigger than the rest, although this does not necessarily make it good signifia. However, in terms of resolution we see clearly how far surpasses their opponents.

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On the other hand, unlike other handsets, the Samsung Galaxy S will be offered IV with two different processors depending on the market it is aimed. Significantly has a quad-core processor at 1.9 GHz or one of eight cores at 1.6 GHz, beating back to the other phones. Also be accompanied by 2 GB of RAM.

Fierce competition from Samsung Galaxy S IV

As for internal storage, which is on par iPhone offering three different capacities: 16, 32 or 64 GB.

The photograph is one of the most important thing because it is one of the activities that are performed with a mobile phone. It is still unknown quality sensor as well as its ability to take pictures in difficult conditions. However, if you stick to the technical data, we see that it has 13 megapixels beating back the other comparative smartphones. Personally, rather than focusing on putting more and more megapixels I wish that would improve the image quality. For example, HTC has realized that it is better to offer fewer megapixels and getting larger and consequently capturing more light.

As for the battery, this is 2600 mAh , again exceeding the other smartphones. However, it is unknown how many hours of use supports. Finally, we see that efforts have been made ​​to present a very thin phone with the bulge so that no pocket in both the 5 inch screen.

On the software side, we noticed that Samsung is introducing their own bets instead of incorporating the Google. For example, using S-Voice instead of Google Now , faced with the Siri of iOS. As much as Samsung use Android on their phones increasingly less to mention the platform, trying to convey the feeling that everything is having their work. An example of this is that they have not talked about the Google operating system until after 45 minutes from the start of the event.

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy S smartphone IV is a worthy of belonging to the high-end due to its excellent technical specifications, usually better than the competition. However, I wish they had improved the design to give it a more premium . Finally, I would like to pose the following question: Will the software exploit the full capacity of the terminal? opens another debate to be discussed later.

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