Flying Bicycle-The Dream has come True

A group of Czech companies have decided to unite to create a flying bicycle prototype controlled by a remote whose first flight was a duration of 5 minutes and has successfully completed a show in the city of Prague, located in the center of Europe.

Flying Bicycle

Flying Bicycle-The Dream has come True

Milan Ducket, Duratec Technical Director, one of the companies involved in this project flying bicycle, said:

This is just a prototype, we will need more powerful batteries to blow up people in this new convertible conveyance potential mixing wheel with propellers.

The flying bicycle weighs almost 100 pounds and includes two propellers located on the front and rear that are powered by 6 electric batteries spread across its surface.

The creators of this project found his main inspiration in books of adventure or science fiction written by authors of their own country. Of course, this prototype enables us to get a small idea or dream to a means of transport to be able to take off suddenly to fly over obstacles or impress strangers.

Kobylik Ales, Project Engineer, said at its official launch:

Our main motivation to work on this project from the very beginning was not to make a profit or feel a commercial interest, but the fulfillment of our childhood dreams.

Flying Bicyle-Remote

For now, the flying bicycle has to be controlled remotely but the intention is to get people to be able to control sitting on it. This group of companies hopes to have the project completed by the end of this year from there, look to the future from the point of view.

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Hopefully the designers again hit a good look at the sketches of the flying bicycle to its final stage when they are ready to come to market as similar as possible to the pod races of Star Wars.


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