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For those who work in web development , it is very simple may be get some space to put a site online , but for those who are not very familiar with the subject, it can be a little more complicated. Regardless of the level of knowledge in the area, may be there are several reasons why we need sometime a temporary web hosting .

Most web hosting services offer basic plans which reaches to mount a simple project, but sometimes what we want to show is as simple as a presentation or a proposal for a client, and will be online so quickly not worth making a financial investment-however small-to achieve the goal, but what if we find ourselves a solution for this kind of situation? The answer is QwkBit .

Free Temporary Web Hosting Service- Qwkbit

QwkBit is a service developed in HTML5 that allows us to host websites and multimedia content for free temporarily , so easy to use that anyone who masters the art of sending an e-mail attachment you can use it without any problems.

To put our site online, we just drag and drop the files that comprise within the dotted box and then make click on the button Upload . When fully charged QwkBit will generate a link for us, then we will can access the site or share it with others. To carry out the whole process you must have an account on Google or Facebook, we will use to log on to the service and to keep track of the links we have created.

Web Hosting Service- Qwkbit

Each link will be available for 24 hours , after this period of time all files are deleted from the server. QwkBit supports image files, video, flash, html and. Zip.

Link : QwkBit

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