Gesture Control for PCs and Smartphones

The way we interact with computers and mobile phones has changed over time and although some years ago we were surprised by touchscreens, today they have become one of the most common interfaces in smartphones and tablets. In fact, even now we are very much used to interact with touch screens, the gesture control (Kinect, for example) while it began to take positions and projects, as Digits of Microsoft Research show that it is not too distant  to control our smartphones using gestures made ​​in the air without removing them from the pocket.

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Gesture Control for PCs and Smartphones

Gesture Control for PCs and Smartphones

For the company Thalmic Labs , this future is here already and with the idea of bringing gesture control to your PC, Mac or even our smartphones. They have launched a bracelet that transforms us into a real “Jedi Knights” .

Thalmic Labs has developed a product named MYO waiting to hit the market later this year with a price of $ 149 and the waiting offers us a different user experience and a new way of approaching our computer or our smartphone since we can control using gestures.

MYO is a bracelet that works capturing the electrical activity of your muscles and translates them into signals that are sent to our computer or our smartphone in the form of commands that can raise the music volume, change channels, or even transform the movement of your arm on the device you control the character of our favorite video game.

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To control for gestures? But that does not make Kinect already? Indeed, Kinect is a device that can interact through gestures and our movements but, where appropriate, operated by an artificial vision system. For MYO, the operation is based on the electrical signals of our arm and therefore will not be necessary before the receiver (PC, smartphone , etc.) to send commands to our distance.

The truth is that it’s worth taking a look at the video presentation of MYO and see its possibilities because, as discussed by project managers, the system is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS devices and Android devices and other gadgets , for example, a drone or even move the slides in a presentation.

An interesting approach to wearable computing that can certainly have a good chance and it also provides an API for developers to unleash their imagination and integrate the use of MYO when controlling applications.

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