Google Announces Closing of Google Reader

From the guys of Google, we have always experienced creating new web services to offer its huge portfolio of users. The company, known worldwide for its ever-popular search engine, has been developed at the time practically everything, and many of these services (such as Google Wave ), have been discarded in favor of others and lack of public penetration today, from Mountain View, Google Announces Closing of Google Reader, the popular reader for  RSS feeds.

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Google Announces Closing of Google Reader

Closing of Google Reader

Unfortunately, this is not a rumor but a reality. The Mountain View announced that the next July 1 it gonna “withdraw” its famous reader service feeds RSS, which by no less than eight years was the most widely used in the field, so the change, no doubt, has not been taken easily by the millions of users that remain in the world.

The reasons for the closure of Google Reader have been announced: the main claim is that the service has suffered a considerable drop in the number of users who did were raised whether it was worthwhile or not to continue to offer support for the platform. The second reason is that Google wants to focus its work on fewer products , newest products and believe that they can get to have a major impact on social and public.

If you’re one of the users who use Google Reader as your reader feeds principal, you should be aware of the procedure to follow to let go of this faithful source of news. The first thing to do before July 1, is the official tool accessing Google Takeout to download a file . ZIP our feeds (in a document XML ) so you can continue to use them on other platforms.

In addition, there are several options that can be replacement for Google Reader, where they highlight some as Feedly , Good Nows and Old Reader . The RSS feeds still have much to offer as a source of information and news subscription sites.

Finally, Google has also decided to stop marketing and upgrade to the desktop version of Snapseed , so now it is only available as free versions for iOS and Android .

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