Google Glass already has its First Third Party Applications

Google Glass is a very controversial project. It involves a device with a totally new concept and there is a lot of skepticism about it. However, as with any new technology, despite the initial fear will gradually integrate into everyday life. Nor be long before the arrival of Google Glass market as would be released this year . In fact, Google is already looking for developers to create useful applications for users. For now, at SXSW event showed that the glasses will have third party apps like Evernote , Path and New York Times popular addition to Gmail .

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Google Glass Third Party App

Google Glass already has its First Third Party Applications

In a first implementation of Gmail, it has a push notification service that can be configured to alert us of only the most important messages. Furthermore, we can answer emails from the same glasses dictating what should transcribe thanks to voice recognition technology it incorporates.

Evernote , which recently had a major problem of security, will also be presented in the Google Glass. No sweat, it’s one of the best cross-platform application for taking notes. In this case, when we remove a photo, we can then transfer it to Skitch to write something on the image and save it to our pad.

Path is one of the big surprises. Until recently it was an intimate social network but in recent days have built a courier -style Line. In the glasses, each time a user uploads a photo, the application will display us and we will tell you and add emoticons. Actually, it is a good bet since it is assumed that we Path to closest friends, and therefore we would like to know the content they publish.

Finally, the New York Times in the glasses will show recent headline highlights. And with a gesture of looking up, if we wish, the Google Glass we can read the whole story.

In short, these applications for Google Glass seek integrated into our daily lives and not “bother” as do both smartphones. In this way, we can continue with our tasks without having to reach into your pocket.

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