Google Glass could be used to help blind people

With Google Glass unexpected fields opened so far. Although it is  still a expensive toy, this could work for more things for people to look at us in the street. One of these uses could be to help blind people and “see”. What to see quotation marks because they do not provide an image but would work through sound.

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Google Glass

The system to do this is one that is already used today and we can test the application vOICe  that is currently available for Android. What makes this application is to use the image that contains the camera and turn it into sound.

This camera allows you to listen to the world through her ​​focus as the program processes the image and sound in the form of understandable. It requires the use of headphones and requires adaptation but serves its purpose.

While having the phone in your hand is not very comfortable while Google Glass can use the camera with both hands free.

And although it has tried to do for other hardware, Google can be operated from Glass glasses with which we need not use the telephone to manage menus, something that comes in handy for people who can not see.

The big drawback for the moment is the application is positioned to users through Google 3D sound and Glass bear is not known with this feature. So far we know that Google Glass transmits sound technology through which the sound goes directly to the bone so that when not using headphones will have to wait to see if it works.

What I do appreciate is that someone cares about Google Glass hardware to accommodate the new needs of people who would otherwise be relegated to the background.

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