Google wants to change the way we use Passwords

The password is alphanumeric identification method most widely used for Web services. However, they pose safety problems. Experts recommend having one for each account, but currently we handle so many that it is almost impossible.

Google knows and researches to solve. The words, symbols and numbers combined to shape a password is the most common way to log into email, social networks and many other services ‘online’. However,it is not surprising that they produce account thefts.

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Hacking Password

Google wants to change the way we use Passwords

The intrusions in databases are a common way to get passwords and because few members diversify their keys, it is possible that the attacker can access multiple services, or even to the bank account of the person concerned. It also happens that the user chooses a password so simple that the attacker easily can hack it. Logging in to operating systems or unlocking a mobile terminal are also affected by the use of passwords.

The pin is the most widespread method, but also above innovation. Companies like Microsoft have experimented with specific touches photographs and mobile operating systems like Android incorporate patterns or other options like voice recognition, but the security offered is low. Being aware of these problems, Google is researching to create new systems that can access to our accounts. “Like others in this industry, we feel that passwords and other systems such as cookies are not enough to keep users safe,” said the vice president of safety of Google, Eric Grosse .

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The Internet company is experimenting with different options to get access as we would spend on a card slot in your computer or even  USB “sticks” that would give access. Google’s idea is that the user grants access to a computer at all our accounts, which would facilitate the task. In this line, Google is thinking even devices that perform the same function, but with more everyday look, like a ring or a telephone, and contact via wireless technology.

This has been explained to Company magazine IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine, as recorded by “Wired”: ” like your ‘smartphone’ or a ring with an inserted smart card you authorize a new computer with a touch, even in situations where your phone is not connected. “These systems probably will not replace passwords, but it could serve as a reinforcement to their safety and could also serve to reduce the task of entering passwords every few minutes.”

“The future may not be free of passwords, but at least it will be less complex,” said the company. One of the problems facing the idea of ​​Google is that it should be supported by other manufacturers or web designers. In this regard, the company has created a standard protocol with the hope that others will follow it.

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