High End Phone with Tizen by Samsung

The strategy of Samsung with Android seems to be based more and more away as it is planning to release a High End Phone with TizenTouchwiz is still a layer of customization to be a layer that hides any trace of Android.

Another step towards this path that moves away from Google is related to Tizen , a mixture of operating system and other open source parts specific to Samsung being developed to incorporate into their terminals. Now we have a rough idea of what they plan to do with it since launch, in August or September , a high end terminal with Tizen.

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High End Phone with Tizen

The movement is quite clear and more after seeing Google’s strategy with Motorola , which want to make every effort to deflate the huge balloon in which Samsung is becoming.

While some think to launch high-end phones at ridiculous prices, Samsung is preparing its strategy to move away from Google, preparing to launch a high-end phone with Tizen for August or September.

This information is not a rumor because it has been confirmed by the Executive Vice President of Samsung . In the words of Lee Young Hee :

The Tizen phone will be released in August or September and will be framed within the high range. The device is the best product equipped with the best specifications.

Yet we do not know anything about the hardware or with that kind of specs will it be there. This terminal might look like the new Galaxy S 4 (I can not see Samsung releasing a smaller screen terminal) so that it may be a point of confusion for users, who will now have to learn and learn about advantages that they can be a mobile one with Tizen regarding Android. I’m intrigued to know how Samsung will focus on it.

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