How to Appear Offline/Hide on WhatsApp

If you are from the users who still maintain their Active whatsapp, but are your contacts annoying you constantly and sending messages, Want to Know How to Appear Offline or Hide on WhatsApp ? I have a solution for this problem and it is WhatsApp Shadow.

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How to Appear Offline/Hide on WhatsApp

How to Appear Offline on WhatsApp

The application is still in beta, but despite that, it has very good rating. How does it work? Very simple. When you enter WhatsApp, What it does is disconnect every friend or contact that you want and disables the wireless and  mobile data.

This allows you to read messages sent to you  and you will appear with the message “Last Seen …” instead of the typical status message that reads “Online”.

Once you exit the application, the Whatsapp is updated and sent messages that have been suspended due to lack of connection and get those sent to you.

But the operation is a bit cumbersome, since from the official area in Google Play app makes it clear that disables the WiFi and 3G while you’re in WhatsApp. Thus while in WhatsApp nobody sees you.Its operation is simple.

Guidelines to Hide on WhatsApp

The app lets you navigate to “stealth mode” and become visible again whenever you want to enable or disable single integrated icon.When you exit the program and keep using your phone, it seems to update your sent and received messages.

Yes, it is good that there is a button on the same program with which you send and receive the messages you have, this is a timely connection to the system as primitive mail systems in which was not permanently attached but we used the icon to send and receive mail to update.

The first impression we get is that the idea is good but the battery may suffer a lot, something that WhatsApp has greatly improved with the latest updates.

Well as mentioned, the application will change the history but more than one is sure to come in handy to hide from heavy or if you are in any embarrassing situation.

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Link : WhatsShadow

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