How to Be Secure on The Internet

The use of internet are increasing and so the security threats. How to be secure on the internet? This question is getting very common and it needs to be taken very seriously as security over the internet is a major concern.

How to Be Secure on The Internet

Now let me tell you this very clearly that being secure on the internet is not an easy task and you need to be aware of lots of things all the time.

How to Be Secure on The Internet

I’m including best possible ways to be secure on the internet here and you go on reading one by one and apply them with your internet usage, right?

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Antivirus Program

Whether you’re using Windows, Mac or any other operating system on your PC or laptop, system should be protected by an updated and genuine antivirus program.

There are lots of antivirus programs or softwares available out in the market and you can easily search for top 10 internet security programs i.e. antivirus to get knowledge about them.

You can go with any antivirus you found in the top 10 list but make sure that antivirus is updated with latest database and also working in full mode i.e. you’ve unlocked all the features of that.

Also perform scanning of complete system weekly and also scan for malwares.

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The best antivirus program for windows 7 or 8 users is the Microsoft Security Essential. It is available for free and also very impressive.

Look for HTTPs

HTTP stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol and “s” stands for security. There are two versions of HTTP available over the internet, one is traditional and other one is highly secured.

You don’t need to know much about HTTP but wherever you’re making payment or doing login with your personal details then look for HTTPs. If that URL doesn’t have HTTPs then that means your identity and details are not secured.

You must have seen HTTPs whenever you login into Facebook or Gmail. Whenever you’re making payment then it is must that URL should start from HTTPs i.e. your details are secured.

Password Combinations

Keep your password combination always of the toughest level i.e. combination must have alphabet, number and special character.

Don’t share your combination with anyone, even to your close friend. Also don’t write it down anywhere in the message, file or anywhere except at the login page.

Password Combinations

If you take care of above three things then you’re almost secure on the internet. I personally follow only these three points in order to keep myself secure on the internet.

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But as you must have heard that nothing is secure on the internet so if you still want to be perfectly secure on the internet then look for tips mentioned below.

Sharing Personal Details

As I already mentioned that don’t share your personal details to anyone, at least to people whom you don’t know.

Still we people like to chat over the internet and most of us chat with unknown people. Don’t give your personal details anyhow.


Whenever I login into my Gmail account then I see few mails (always) in the spam folder. These mails have been filtered into spam folder because of their spammy nature.

Now you don’t need to open these mails. Just delete them without opening them.

Never download any attachments from the mails you found in Spam.

There are lots of services available over the internet which offers huge earning. I’ll advice you to stay away from all these scams or spam. If you’re really passionate about earning online then either become a blogger or start freelancing your skills.


Whenever you download any file or folder then before opening it, scan it with the antivirus program installed on your system.

Make sure no infections are found during inspection of download files and folders.

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Always install genuine software which has been used by lots of people already. Don’t install software only because you found it for free.

Read reviews about any software over the web before installing that on your system.

Also scan it with antivirus program so that infections can be removed.

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Free Internet

Avoid using free internet because people receive infections mostly whenever they connect to a free internet connection.

These days internet connections are available at very cheap price so always pay for the connection rather than looking for free one.

Particularly when you’re using public Wi-Fi make sure no infections gets pass through the antivirus protection.

I think these tips are sufficient for you to be secure on the internet. If you find any other way then let me know via your valuable comments and if you really want to appreciate for my hard work then share these tips via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other social network.

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